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VIE 24.03.2023 | NOTA DE PRENSA

FC Barcelona takes ElClasico win on and off the field thanks to the ultimate fan battle for the “ElClasico Rivalry”

LaLiga and BKT are proud of having created a truly global experience to bring the game closer to its fans all around the world.

Nota de Prensa

VIE 24.03.2023

LaLiga has brought ElClasico, the biggest football rivalry in the world, closer to its fans than ever before through a series of unique online and offline experiences and a global display of activations in 36 countries. LaLiga's collaboration with local and global partners as BKT, including regional broadcasters, led to the organisation of 77 activations worldwide, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before.

Through its “ElClasico Rivalry” by BKT campaign, LaLiga invited fans to participate in events across the world and to make noise for their favourite team online. Over 20,000 fans attended in-person events, while many others participated online by posting photo and video content of ElClasico with the hashtag #ElClásicoRM or #ElClásicoBarça.

The “ElClasico Rivalry” scoreboard was created for fans to earn points for their club, with the points won at events all over the world tallied up to determine which club had the best fans. After an intense weekend of activations, the results are in: FC Barcelona fans came out on top, earning a total of 7,340 points, while Real Madrid fans earned 7,259 points.

The ElClasico public viewings drew thousands of fans, with several huge fanfests taking place in eye-catching locations around the world such as Mexico City, Egypt, Los Angeles, and Ghana, and watch parties in countries as diverse as India, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Poland, Cameroon, Canada, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. Fans who attended these events participated in various challenges and games to earn points for their club on the ElClasico Rivalry scoreboard, for example racing in Colombia in a 10k run or participating in local tournaments in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil. Even the Masai tribe in Tanzania participated by playing football and earning points for their preferred team.

Supporter groups and influencers also played a crucial role in summing up points online for their favourite club, encouraging fans to post content in order to gain points for their team.

The “ElClasico Rivalry” campaign was a huge success, bringing together fans from all over the world and creating a truly global experience around the ultimate football rivalry. LaLiga is grateful to all the fans who participated and helped make this possible, and is also proud to bring the truly special rivalry to fans around the world.

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