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MON 13.03.2023 | NEWS

ElClásico Rivalry: Follow the fan battle live

Through 52 activations in more than 28 countries, LaLiga brings #ElClasico closer than ever to its fans by inviting them to take part in events all over the globe and challenging them to cheer on their team on social media.


MON 13.03.2023

This Sunday, #ElClasico returns and along with it all the excitement that the world's most inspiring rivalry manages to exude. And it won't be just any match either because, for the first time, fans all around the world can be part of this legendary rivalry between these two world giants of football. ElClasico rivalry by BKT is played worldwide!

Under what will be a great universal scoreboard, fans everywhere can take part and score points to help their team win, as well as enter a prize draw for the chance to win their favourite shirt. Sounds good, doesn't it?

So, how can you score points for your team?

Follow LaLiga's social media closely and find out about the daily challenges being posted. Complete them and upload them with the hashtag #ElClasicoRM or #ElClasicoBarça, depending on the team you support, and see how your points help your team to win ElClasico Rivalry.

Don't miss any of the challenges that fans are doing around the world, thanks to the Live Text Web that you can see below.

It's time for you too to be part of the world's most inspiring rivalry. Participate and help your team win ELCLASICO WORLDWIDE.

Check terms and conditions here



Monday, March 19th | ElClásico watch parties

Mexico, Los Angeles, Brazil, India, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Poland, Canada, UK....

Sao Paulo is ready for #ElClásico

Warsaw Watch Party 

The starting XI's for #ElClásico

#ElClásico is finally here!

How us your FC Barcelona or Real Madrid tattoo using your team's hashtag and earn points to help win the game! 

Ready to go for the #ElClásico!


Screening at VOX Cinemas Mall of Emirates Dubai


10K Colombia pre #ElClásico

Sunday, March 19th | ElClásico around the world! ⚽

Everything is ready in Kampala

Cameroon enjoys ElClásico

Saturday, March 18th | Hong Kong: Live show with NOW E

40 points for Real Madrid after winning the live quiz and the comments challenge. 10 points for FC Barcelona.

Saturday, March 18th | Philippines

3x3 tournament in Manila. Who is going to get the points?

Friday, March 17th | Your team needs you to win ElClásico Rivalry! 

Tell us what would be your ideal starting line-up with the hashtag #ElClasicoBarça or #ElClasicoRM to earn points for your team.

Thursday, March 16th | Earn points and help your team win!

Upload a video doing keep-ups and help your team win #ElClásico using your team's hashtag #ElClásicoBarça or #ElClásicoRM. You will stand the chance of winning your favourite jersey!

Wednesday, March 15th | Participate in the first challenge and help your team win!

Upload a photo with your favorite player from ElClásico on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook and score points for your team. Don't forget to use the hashtags #ElClásicoBarça and #ElClásicoRM!

Tuesday march 14th | Football tournament in Indonesia

#ElClásico is already making its way around the world, and a first competition between journalists and media outlets of the country has already taken place in Indonesia. The tournament featured a format of four teams representing the colors of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. In the first semifinal, Real Madrid A defeated team B, and in the second, FC Barcelona B defeated FC Barcelona A. The final of the tournament was won by Real Madrid A, who beat FC Barcelona B 2-0.

Badminton and Sepak Takraw tournament in Indonesia

On the same day in the same country, two badminton and sepak takraw tournaments, the local sport, were held, in which local influencers and LaLiga fans participated. In the first tournament, Real Madrid fans won 84-53 (2 games to 2 sets), and in the second, the Blaugrana team won 42-36 (1 game to 2 sets).

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