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DOM 27.08.2023 | Institutional

The sound of Spanish football: Discover the new sound identity of LALIGA

With its new sound system, LALIGA wanted to pay tribute to the fans and the voices that drive the beautiful game forward and that make it grow.


DOM 27.08.2023

Coinciding with the start of the 2023/24 season, LALIGA presents the new soundtrack that will accompany the competition and that has been composed by Ramón Rodríguez, known for his band The New Raemon, one of the most influential indie pop rock bands in Spain, and known as a respected Spanish composer of pieces for film and advertising, through his production company Cielos Estrellados and his alter ego Herrero Goldsmith.

Starting from the anthem, the industry-leading audio branding agency Sixième Son developed a musical system to make it more ergonomic and adaptable for all touch points.

The essence of this new soundtrack lies in the fusion of the worlds of football and technology, reflecting LALIGA’s mission of transcending traditional boundaries and opening up an immersive sound universe that will accompany fans during the matches, through more contemporary and alternative sounds. This is in line with the collaboration between LALIGA and EA SPORTS and seeks to capture both the intrinsic passion of football and the cutting-edge technology that characterises today’s modern era.

That new essence is also apparent in Blur’s iconic “Song 2”, which is being used to open matches. This song by the British alternative rock band has historically been linked to sport and gaming and, as such, fits perfectly with the new soundtrack in its tone, energy and intent.

LALIGA has worked on creating more than an anthem and on crafting a sound system that revolutionises its sound identity, working towards a soundtrack that amplifies the energy and passion of football and at the same time reflects the multicultural and diverse reality of the 42 clubs that make up the institution. The most distinctive elements of this new musical universe are:

  • Guitar Riffs: These dynamic and energetic riffs symbolise the intensity and excitement that characterise every football match. They serve as a call to action, gearing the fans up to enjoy the experience to the fullest.
  • Inclusive Chorus: The choruses allow fans to actively join in the anthem, creating a sense of community and belonging. This component reflects the coming together of fans from all cultures, breaking down barriers and creating a true “fan communion”.
  • Glitches: The subtle nods to innovation and technology, inspired by the world of video games, add an edgy and innovative dimension to the anthem. These elements reflect LALIGA’s partnership with EA SPORTS and its commitment to technological evolution.

LALIGA is launching an immersive sound universe that will accompany fans for a complete experience during matches, with a series of pieces derived from the anthem, bringing the entire broadcast to life via details that are distinctive and recognised by the fans. Sixième Son has designed and adapted an identifiable system for the audiovisual world, making the most of every sound, from the guitars to the chants of the fans to the key moments of the game, thus intensifying the emotional connection between the fans and the sport. These pieces are:

  • “Tension Rising”: This is a piece that marks the introduction to the match, capturing the growing tension that precedes the crucial moments. Its versatility makes it a key component.
  • “Line Up”: This six-and-a-half-minute track is designed to accompany graphic elements such as line-ups and statistical data. As a main feature, it provides a technological and informative tone.
  • “Warm Up”: This is a long piece that captures the tension prior to the start of the match, ideal for moments such as when the players come out onto the pitch or when they’re in the tunnel.
  • “Powerful Anthem”: This is a motivational anthem that, lasting two minutes, raises the excitement in the stadium. It is intended to accompany the entrance of the fans or the teams’ celebrations.
  • “Highlights”: This is a dynamic piece that supports the highlights footage showing the key plays at half-time and at the end of the match.
  • “Epic International”: This is a track lasting just 40 seconds, an epic piece to close the broadcast with grandeur and emotion, leaving a lasting impression in the hearts of fans.
  • “Sonic Logo”: This is the audio heart, which synthetically encapsulates the entire sound identity, as this is the sound design equivalent accompanying the animated visual logo for the purpose of reinforcing communications. It activates brand recognition by leaving a memorable auditory imprint.

This new sound identity promises to transform the football experience, fusing the passion of the fans with the magic of the game in a harmonious blend of emotions, representing a further step by LALIGA to position itself as a leading entertainment company.

The new LALIGA music will soon be available on all such platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, etc), so that all fans can enjoy it at all times, bringing together even more this feeling that unites us. 

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