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Nota de Prensa

WED 30.08.2023 | Nota de Prensa

Consultancy agreement between LALIGA and Professional Ligue ASOBAL begins

The first training session for handball clubs consisted of different workshops with LALIGA's OTT and Digital teams

Nota de Prensa

WED 30.08.2023

LALIGA and Liga Profesional ASOBAL have reached an agreement to collaborate together, with LALIGA advising on the development of different strategic plans, and providing training to the league and its clubs in areas such as Safety and Integrity, Sponsorship, Fan Engagement and Marketing.

On 28 June, the CSD certified Spain's leading handball competition as a professional league. As a result, LALIGA will now provide its know-how as a professional competition to promote and help develop the Liga Plenitude ASOBAL, its brand, and its external and internal operations.

Under the agreement between the two organizations, LALIGA will offer guidance so that the Liga Plenitude ASOBAL has a strategic plan adapted to the changing needs arising from its professionalisation. In addition, training will be offered throughout the 2023/24 season to the league, and its 16 clubs, in areas such as Security and Integrity, Transparency, Branding, Sponsorship, Fan Engagement, Communications, and Marketing.

The first training session which took place on Wednesday, August 30th, was attended by the 16 ASOBAL clubs, as well as its president, Servando Revuelta. The workshop, held at LALIGA's headquarters and online, consisted of different training sessions. One with LALIGA's OTT team on how clubs can help improve their television audiences, then another session with LALIGA's Digital team on increasing fan engagement within their communities and the handball competition itself.

LALIGA's international consultancy agreements

Through this agreement with ASOBAL, LALIGA continues its commitment to helping promote the professional development of other leagues and sporting competitions by offering its training and expertise. In addition to ASOBAL, LALIGA already has a similar agreement with Liga F, the top women's football division in Spain.

Outside Spain, LALIGA has more than 30 such agreements in various regions and countries around the world. There are more than 10 in Asia, four in China; four across Europe; six in Latin America; five in the Middle East and North Africa; and two in North America.

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