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Nota de Prensa

VIE 22.09.2023 | Nota de Prensa

Beyond Stats and Mediacoach present key metrics for ElDerbi de Madrid

LALIGA's advanced statistics project with Microsoft, named Beyond Stats, has revealed some of the main pre-match insights ahead of the highly anticipated Atlético de Madrid-Real Madrid game at the Civitas Metropolitano this weekend.

Nota de Prensa

VIE 22.09.2023

Among them, Real Madrid is ranks first in LALIGA EA SPORTS in the dangerous possessions metric and second in high-impact actions. It also has the most successful passes in the final third (85.2%). Atlético de Madrid, meanwhile, is second in the competition in terms of the fewest shots needed to score a goal: scoring every 4.7 shots. Comparing the data, they are the only two teams in LALIGA that haven’t conceded a goal from a set piece. They also concede the same amount of shots per game and are both among the Top 5 teams with the fewest shots conceded.

The Beyond Stats portal is part of the joint LaLiga and Microsoft advanced statistics project. The metrics are obtained thanks to the Mediacoach platform, which is supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence technology from Microsoft Azure and which collects more than 3.5 million data obtained per match thanks to the 16 optical tracking cameras and 3 tactical cameras in each LALIGA stadium.

What are the strengths of both teams, and who are their key players? The analysts from LaLiga's Mediacoach team uncover the key points for each team in ElDerbi de Madrid at this stage of the season based on data from the advanced statistics project:

Atlético de Madrid: finishing efficiency

Diego Simeone has opted for systems with three central defenders and two full-backs in the four matches so far this season. A standout statistic is the team's finishing efficiency: Atlético de Madrid is ranked second in LALIGA in terms of the fewest shots needed to score a goal. Scoring once every 4.7 shots.

Atletico is 15th in LALIGA in overall average position and 18th in defensive line height, displaying a much lower block than in previous seasons, clearly ceding the initiative when their opponents have the ball. Atlético de Madrid's low block leads it to be the seventh ranked team with the lowest percentage of recoveries in the opponent's half. Additionally, their long defensive phases mean it's the third ranked team with the fewest quick recoveries in the competition. Even so, it's something that is working, as it's sixth in the LALIGA when it comes to the least number of shots conceded. Furthermore, its good ratio of shots per goal conceded places it in the group of teams that have conceded the second fewest goals in the LALIGA, with four.

Atlético de Madrid has not needed much of the ball this season, and is ranked seventh in terms of least amount of possession in the league. Although the team is defending for long periods, when in possession it doesn't hamper its ability to create. The team is sixth best in offensive playmaking and rarely plays in a direct, long ball, manner.

Defensively, Atletico is showing good results in terms of containment efficiency, and is the second best team in the LALIGA at containing rival attacks. Offensively, it registers good numbers in the opponent's area and has the second highest finishing efficiency in the championship. Interestingly, the team has scored four goals after the 75th minute. In fact, 60% of their goals have come after the 60th minute.

“Atlético de Madrid's great strength at this early stage of the season has been their ability to convert their chances: it scores a goal every 4.7 shots, the second best record in LALIGA. In fact, the team isn't generating a high volume of finishing situations, it's ranked 11th and 12th in shots and crosses per game, respectively. Without doubt, its efficiency ratio in front of goal makes it the third highest scoring team in the competition. It's also fifth in the ranking of chances generated with the highest probability of scoring,” says Eugenio Martín, Mediacoach football analyst at LALIGA.

In terms of players, Morata stands out as Atlético de Madrid's top scorer. He's taken nine shots and scored three goals. Depay, with six shots, has scored two goals and Llorente scored his two goals with only five attempts. Hence the team's high efficiency figures in front of goal, as these three players have converted more than 33% of their shots on goal.

The analysts also point out that Griezmann is the player with the most assists and crosses into the box, and has a key role in creating situations for his teammates.

Real Madrid: high intensity.

Real Madrid has won every game so far this season. The team is just one game away from equalling last season's start, where they took 18 points from a possible 18.

Real Madrid stands out positionally because of the length of the team: It operates second deepest in the competition. Ultimately, having three players high in the middle of the pitch (in a diamond) makes you a more vertical side, and attacking from deep also stretches the team, as well as stretching your opponent. Likewise, Real Madrid and its high block enable it to have the third highest percentage of recoveries in the opposition half.

In terms of conditioning, Real Madrid, as in the last two seasons, shows a very high level of intensity, and is the second best team in terms of distance travelled at over 21 km/h and the best at over 24 km/h. It's also a very dominant team on the ball: it has the second most possession and is the second most proactive in play. It was also ranks second in terms of average passes per possession and is the second fastest at circulating the ball.

In terms of goals, like last season, it has the most shots per game on average: having had almost 19 shots per game, while also directing more than 40% of its shots on target. Nevertheless, it's not so successful in converting chances, scoring every 9.2 shots, which is only the 11th best rate in the competition.

A curious fact is that Real Madrid has conceded 100% of its goals (3) in the first 15 minutes of the match. As a result, it's had to come from behind on three occasions to eventually win all three games.

“In contrast to last season, the team is crossing much more and it's a more prominent weapon in the final third. It ranks seventh with 20 crosses per game. In contrast, last season it finished with 15 crosses per game and was the fourth lowest crossing team in the championship. In particular, the presence of Bellingham and Joselu is having a big impact: they have been on the end of 19 and 17 crosses, respectively, which is 50% of the team's crosses in play,” states Manuel Nuñez, Mediacoach football analyst at LALIGA.

As for the players, Jude Bellingham is in great form. He’s currently the top scorer in LALIGA, has second most shots on goal (9 of his 12 shots were on target) and is third in terms of high-impact actions. His goals have earned Real Madrid a total of eight points.


The Beyond Stats portal has selected young left-back Fran García, who has the fifth most recoveries in LALIGA EA SPORTS, as the player to follow this matchday. Furthermore, he has already shown his great physical capacity, as he is ranked fifth in distance travelled at more than 21 km/h and fourth in actions at more than 24 km/h (44). He’s not just involved a lot: his contributions are also from deep and vertical. His covering of the flank allows him to be a good passer, but also a good passing option on many occasions. If we look at the more defensive aspects of the player, we find that he has the most total recoveries of anyone at Real Madrid, and is the third highest in the competition.

Another player who continues to be key is Toni Kroos: he has the highest success rate for long passes, 72%. “Toni Kroos' effect on the team as the main playmaker remains key. Nobody averages more high-impact actions than Toni Kroos in LALIGA EA SPORTS; with only two starts, whenever he's come off the bench, he's changed the game. Cumulatively, he's in the Top 5, as only 4 players have a higher number than the German. He's also Top 3 in assists in LALIGA with just 292 minutes played,” adds Fabio Nevado, Mediacoach football analyst at LALIGA.


  • The Beyond Stats portal also highlights Joselu this week: according to the project analysts, he's not only finding the net, but he's also taking a lot of shots and displaying a positional intelligence that boosts these opportunities. He's among the Top 10 LALIGA EA SPORTS players with more than three shots per game. He’s the third best shot-targeting player in the whole competition, with two dangerous shots per game. And with his two goals, he’s already in the Top 10 goalscorers.


  • The following link provides analysis with a little more information on how both teams, and others, head into the upcoming matchday: Beyond Stats | LaLiga

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