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FRI 07.02.2014 | NOTA DE PRENSA

LFP and UPyD meet in Congress

Javier Tebas visited representatives of the parliamentary group to give details on the system for monitoring football clubs' finances.

Nota de Prensa

FRI 07.02.2014

The Liga de Fútbol Profesional met the Unión Pogreso y Democracia party in Spanish Parliament on Friday morning, when the LFP sought to clarify and explain the financial situation in Spanish football to all parliamentary groups.

President Javier Tebas and general director Javier Gómez represented the LFP at the meeting. Both explained and responded to all the questions put together by members of the UPyD: Toni Cantó, member of parliament and spokesperson for the Committee of Culture and Sport; Juan Luis Fabo, the committee's spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly; Andrés Hergoz, General Secretary of the Parliamentary Group; and Lucas Calvo Pérez, parliamentary technician.

The meeting started with Javier Gómez's description of the financial monitoring system implemented by the LFP. Gómez explained that, in contrast to that required by UEFA, the Spanish system analyses the individual economic situation of each club, a priori; something that allows them to plan the operations that each entity can carry out throughout each season.

In addition, Gómez explained the plan to reduce debt in football, which shall be extended until the 2020/21 season. The proposal is that, by the 30th of June 2017, each club's debt should be within reasonable limits and from then on, "what is now a problem for the sector will be a problem for the few clubs who have not fulfilled their obligations."

On the part of UPyD, Juan Luis Fabo was very interested to know how the debt limits of the clubs is quantified, to which Javier Tebas responded "at the start of each season, the clubs and SADs (Public Limited Sports Companies) must submit documentation proving they are up to date with social security and tax payments. Authorisation from the General Treasury of the State is indispensible for carrying out any kind of financial operation. 37 of the 40 clubs and SADs, submitted favourable documentation".

Tebas wanted to make it clear that there will be no permissiveness on LFP's part and that, thanks to its zero tolerance in this regard, "the clubs are up-to-date on their deferred debt payments".


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