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Nota de Prensa


TUE 01.10.2013 | NOTA DE PRENSA

GOLT covers the history of the World Cup

GOLT will offer the best games in the history of World Cup football until the start of Brazil 2014.

Nota de Prensa

TUE 01.10.2013

The countdown to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil has started. GOLT wants it’s viewers to be ready for the occasion, and as such will run a new series called “Games for the Ages” (Partidos para la Historia), in which football-lovers can enjoy epic finals, the best players, legendary games and historic goals.

The Spanish national side will be one of the protagonists of the series, in which you’ll be able to see, amongst other games, the final of the 2010 World Cup, in which Spain took the title. The quarterfinal battles in 1994 against Italy, and 2002 versus Korea will also be high on the agenda, as will the game with Brazil in 1978.

Also, viewers of GOLT will be able to live through other mythical footballing occasions, such as the final of the 1954 World Cup, the majestic Germany of Matthaus and Klinsmann in 1990, and relive the best moments of Pelé’s Brazil and Maradona’s Argentina.

The series starts on Wednesday with France’s victory in 1998 against Brazil. The series will be shown at different times (15:30 and 21:00), and will compliment the current output on GOLT, who also show Liga BBVA, Copa del Rey, Europa League, and the English Premier League.

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