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LALIGA Ecosistema

What is LALIGA Ecosistema?

It is an environment created by LALIGA, made up of various applications and websites, both from LALIGA, their subsidiaries and from the affiliated football clubs with which LALIGA maintains collaboration agreements, where, through a common registry implemented by LALIGA in said assets (LALIGA Single Sign-On), each user receives a unique identifier so that any selection or modification of preferences or request for deletion made in one of the applications or websites that are part of the ecosystem will affect the rest of the LALIGA Ecosistema environment. and to the entities that comprise it.

What are the advantages of belonging to LALIGA Ecosistema?

  • LALIGA Ecosistema allows the user to access all the assets of the ecosystem through a single registry, without the need for the user to provide their data each time they want to use any of these assets.
  • LALIGA Ecosistema acts as a universal consent center, distinguishing between global consents (profiling and LALIGA commercial communications), applicable to all assets of the ecosystem, and specific consents (consents granted to affiliated clubs and other specific consents of LALIGA), which they only apply to a specific asset. The user may grant or revoke their global consents through the subscription center of any asset in the ecosystem, transferring their decision to the rest of the assets. Instead, the specific consents of each asset may only be granted or revoked on that asset by the user.
  • LALIGA Ecosistema makes available to the user a unique profile, called a “fan profile” that includes all the personal data that the user has provided in any of the assets that are part of the ecosystem. This functionality allows you to have the same profile in all the ecosystem assets in which you have logged in, thus avoiding having to complete your profile in each of these assets, also helping to keep it updated in real time on all assets. In this way, if the user provides new data through the profile of an asset, that data will be updated in real time in the “fan profile” of the rest of the ecosystem assets in which they have logged in.
  • The user will be able to exercise their rights before any entity that is part of the ecosystem, so that, for example, the request to delete their data will affect the unique profile existing in each and every one of the assets that they have used and, consequently, to all entities responsible for such assets.

How is personal data processed in LALIGA Ecosistema?

The personal data of the user that is part of the “fan profile”, that is, the data provided by the fan in the assets of the ecosystem, as well as the unique identifier that each user receives when registering in the ecosystem, are not stored in different databases or different systems.

At the time of registration of a user in LALIGA Ecosistema, their personal data will be stored in a single system with a single database where they can be processed by the different entities that are part of the ecosystem in order to allow the user access to assets and that have the same profile throughout the ecosystem.

The processing of user data by the different entities will be possible as long as the user has registered in any of its assets, in accordance with the privacy policies of each asset. This processing is legitimized based on the execution of a contract in which the interested party is part by virtue of the provisions of art. 6.1 b) of the General Data Protection Regulation, in particular, because it is necessary for the execution of the services offered to users in LALIGA Ecosistema through the LALIGA Single Sign-On, which are regulated in the conditions of use of the assets that are part of said ecosystem.

On the other hand, the personal data that can be inferred from the user during the activity carried out in the LALIGA Ecosistema assets, except for the unique identifier that each user receives when registering in the ecosystem, will be processed by the entity that, in each case , act as responsible, independently, in separate databases and based on the consents granted or, where appropriate, on the legitimate interest held by said entity for the purposes informed in the privacy policies of each asset.