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LUN 07.10.2013 | NOTA DE PRENSA

The LFP and UNICEF partnership is renewed

The Professional Football Foundation renews its relationship with UNICEF. The showcase event to celebrate this partnership will be a charity match on the 30th of December.

Nota de Prensa

LUN 07.10.2013

Continuing with its objective to work with those most in need, the Professional Football Foundation (FFP) has renewed its partnership with the Spanish branch of UNICEF. This agreement includes a the hosting of the ‘Champions for Life’ charity match for the next three years, with the first of these encounters taking place on the 30th of December in the Santiago Bernabéu. The match will be played between two teams made up of one notable player from each of the LFP clubs in the Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante.

The agreement took place in the LFP headquarters and was attended by Javier Tebas, the LFP president, as well as Consuelo Crespo, the president of the Spanish branch of UNICEF. Tebas was grateful for the “possibilities this gives us to help children and to address our social concerns”. He went on to say that “our clubs have a lot of children in their academies and schools, where the values of football – playing for fun – are imparted to everyone, and make up an important part of the childrens’ personal development.

Consuelo Crespo assured that "with the revenues generated from these matches we can save lives and help children. We will see great results from this”. She also spoke of the “influence football has; the values, discipline, work ethic, togetherness, understanding of how to win and lose”, and then noted that “these values are also essential to improving society”.

The revenues generated by this edition of the 'Champions for Life' (#CHAMPIONS_FOR_LIFE) match will guarantee a better future for children. The Professional Football Foundation will donate this revenue to social and humanitarian programs.

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