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VIE 25.04.2014 | NEWS

Successful presentation of 'El fútbol no es así'

Javier Tebas and Pedro Torrens presented their book, which comes with an important warning: football is not like that, but it is a risk of becoming so.


VIE 25.04.2014

The president of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP), Javier Tebas, and writer Pedro Torrens presented their book 'El Fútbol no es así' (Football is not like that) on Friday. The book is a crime thriller and a critique that also includes an important warning: football is not like that, but it is a risk of becoming so.

The authors of the work were accompanied by Alfredo Relaño, director of As sports publication and Jose Antonio Martín 'Petón' who led the proceedings at the event, which was attended by important representatives of Spanish football.

"The novel includes fiction and parts of real life. The story is based on much of the experience that I have gained over my more than 20 years in the world of football", stated the head of the LFP. "It is all based on very direct and bold dialogue", revealed Torrens, who was very happy with the final result as "the goals have been achieved and we've produced a great piece of work".

The main plot is based on corruption, an issue that Tebas also discussed: "We are showing that football is not like that and we are taking every measure to ensure that it remains so. We have started a campaign for the prevention of corruption and match fixing with the institutions. We have created an integrity department, we have monitored the betting market, which we follow very closely".

In addition, Alfredo Relaño was keen to praise a piece of work in which "the situations there are the ones we experience in real life. I really liked the book, it is wonderfully written and the intrigue is maintained throughout".

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