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TUE 13.06.2023 | Institutional

LALIGA presents "The Power of All," a campaign to unveil its new strategic positioning

A new video showcases the ambition of the new-look competition and represents the strength of the collective.


TUE 13.06.2023

LALIGA launches The Power of All, a campaign that pays tribute to the competition's new strategic positioning, THE POWER OF OUR FÚTBOL, and represents the strength of the collective and LALIGA's capacity to generate change from football. The new slogan declares that together we are stronger and highlights the potential of each and every person who is part of the LALIGA ecosystem.

This audiovisual spot is the first milestone through which LALIGA unveils its new mission. The video captures the essence of football, highlighting unity and strength as the elements that give meaning to LALIGA. The competition seeks to change with this new approach, highlighting the collective emotion of a sport that makes us all grow.

This is conveyed by the deep breath of Aron, the protagonist of the video, a boy who, under the watchful eye of his classmates, prepares to take a penalty kick. The deep breath, a distinctive signal to gather energy at key moments in the game, is a metaphor for the encouragement of the fans, of the entire crowd that gives Aron the strength to kick the ball, symbolising the power of the group when it acts as one.

This release reflects the new direction of LALIGA, focusing on becoming a more global, multi-target, multi-engagement and multicultural competition that inspires the world through the values of football.

This new direction reflects the evolution that LALIGA has undergone in the last decade, both in terms of size and worldwide recognition. Today LALIGA is one of the world's leading sports properties and the largest global football ecosystem, with the most extensive international network of any sports organisation, present in 41 countries through 11 offices and a network of delegates.

Ángel Fernández, Head of Global Brand and Strategy at LALIGA, said: "As a global brand, LALIGA assumes the responsibility of being a role model and generating a positive impact on society. We are experiencing an unprecedented transformation and want to pay tribute to all those who are part of our football; without them we would not be the same. We want to inspire the entire world with a global and unifying value proposition.”

This campaign is part of a much wider project, for which LALIGA has surrounded itself with partners who have contributed to its development. El Ruso de Rocky is the creative agency that has led LALIGA's

new positioning and the definition of its purpose of "Inspiring the world through the values of football." It is also responsible for the creation and production of the ‘The Power of All’ campaign, which will be present in traditional media, such as TV and billboards, as well as across digital platforms and social media. Internationally, it will have visibility through LALIGA broadcasters.

Lucas Paulino, founder of El Ruso de Rocky, said: "For El Ruso de Rocky and for me as a creative, I am extremely proud to be part of this power, of this change. I truly believe that LALIGA is a brand that is only now beginning to emerge, that the best is yet to come and that together we are going to position the brand as one of the coolest and most authentic in this country. We just have to keep walking the path we have started. All together, of course, because that is how our power becomes invincible."

The beginning of a new era for LALIGA

The visual identity, unveiled globally on June 5th, and now represented in the ‘The Power of All’ film, will impact not only the 42 clubs that are part of LALIGA – they will wear the new logo on their kits – and the more than 185 million users across LALIGA's digital environments, but also the competition's fans, who will be able to experience and enjoy the change in the stadiums, television broadcasts and digital spaces.

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