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Nota de Prensa

JUE 22.02.2024 | Nota de Prensa

LALIGA+ premieres '+Juegos con...', an interview programme with Spanish athletes who are taking part in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The first show, which was aired in January, featured Alvaro Martin, double World and European Racewalking Champion

Nota de Prensa

JUE 22.02.2024

LALIGA+, the OTT platform from LALIGA, releases '+Juegos con...', a programme featuring interviews with Spanish athletes who are participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The monthly show, which is broadcast live on the LALIGA+ OTT and the LALIGA+ YouTube and TikTok accounts, featured Álvaro Martín as the first guest, and will be followed by Carolina Marín as the second on Thursday at 7pm. 

Every month on the show, we'll see their preparation for the months leading up to the Olympic Games, their goals for the event, their career... and all their best stories, as well as challenges where the guests have to answer questions on topics such as football, their personal life, sports plus others posed by our followers via the LALIGA+ Instagram account. '+Juegos con...' is available on the LALIGA+ OTT and the LALIGA+ YouTube and TikTok accounts.

Álvaro Martín, the first guest

The double world and European racewalking champion was the first guest. The Extremaduran took advantage of his time on '+Juegos con...' to look back on his career, review his preparation for the Paris Olympics and take on some fun challenges. You can enjoy the full episode here and find a short summary of it here.

The programme adds to the wide range of content available on LALIGA+, the streaming platform that can be tailored to your preferences and where you can find all the highlights from the world of sport in a single place.

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