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MIÉ 15.03.2023 | Institutional

LaLiga launches “LaLiga Summer Tour,” its own platform to organize friendly matches summer tours, with the first edition this summer in the USA & Mexico featuring four teams

“LaLiga Summer Tour” is part of LaLiga and its clubs' strategy to grow the Spanish Professional League’s footprint in the United States and Mexico


MIÉ 15.03.2023

LaLiga - Spain's professional football league - has announced the launch of "LaLiga Summer Tour,” a new platform created to organize friendly matches tours of its clubs during the summer period, which is part of the Spanish competition's international development strategy aimed at bringing the passion of LaLiga to its fans around the world. The platform will continue to spur LaLiga’s long-term growth in North America in key markets. These matches will be played before the competitions starts.

“LaLiga Summer Tour” will make its first stop in 2023 in the United States and Mexico, with the participation of four legendary LaLiga clubs. This tour continues the strategy that LaLiga North America has been undertaking since 2018, to develop and grow the league, its clubs and competitions in North American markets. Relevent Sports Group will manage all aspects of promotion, marketing, operations and logistics as a part of their joint venture with LaLiga and years of experience bringing global soccer to North America.

"The launch of the "LaLiga Summer Tour" represents LaLiga's desire to create a platform that allows us to take its teams to different parts of the world, through friendly matches, and in turn gives all of our clubs the opportunity to collectively develop business opportunities in specific priority markets,” commented Oscar Mayo, Executive General Director of LaLiga.

"The United States and Mexico represent an important opportunity for LaLiga and its clubs in brand and business development, especially in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup in 2026. The creation of the "LaLiga Summer Tour" platform and the commitment to be present in this region consistently over the next three years will go a long way to grow the competition and reach out to local fans and bring all the excitement and passion that LaLiga has,” stated Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America.

The tour will take place during the first week of August, and the teams and cities where the friendly matches will be played will be announced in the coming days. Fans can find out more information and have access to priority ticket purchasing by visiting the following link: https://www.releventsportsgroup.com/laliga

The tour is supported by ESPN and SKY, the official broadcasters of LaLiga in the United States and Mexico, respectively, and will be responsible for the production of the matches. As a result, LaLiga fans will be able to enjoy each match exclusively on the platforms.

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