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Nota de Prensa

MIÉ 29.03.2023 | Nota de Prensa

LaLiga and Globant join forces to accelerate digital change in sport and launch LaLiga's Masters Degree in Innovation and Digital Transformation

The programme will serve to boost knowledge of the digital world, an environment that is constantly evolving as a cornerstone of the present and future of the entertainment and sports industry

Nota de Prensa

MIÉ 29.03.2023

LaLiga, through its educational department, LaLiga Business School, joins Globant to launch the Masters in Innovation and Digital Transformation of LaLiga with the aim of identifying and inspiring professionals who will lead and manage the digital and IT area of sports and entertainment companies, both nationally and internationally.

This project is a further step in the alliance between LaLiga and Globant, who signed a partnership last September to create a new global technology company with the aim of leading the reinvention of the sports and entertainment industry.

With this Masters Degree, LaLiga and Globant aim to empower sports organisations through the training of future professionals in new technologies, the biggest growth driver for the industry in the coming years.

The aim is for students to be able to understand the evolution and dynamics of the digital world, manage and understand all branches of digital strategy, use new technologies to create commercial assets, and streamline operational processes and identify trends.

With the LaLiga Masters Degree in Innovation and Digital Transformation, LaLiga's educational department continues with its aim of promoting the professionalisation of the sports industry. LaLiga Business School is the only educational project in Management and Sport that allows you to study directly within the "sports property", without the involvement of educational institutions. Therefore, the students will receive a direct transfer of knowledge from LaLiga and the clubs that make up the competition.

In addition, LaLiga Business School not only trains future sports administrators with its Masters and MBA courses, but also the industry professionals themselves, thanks to projects such as the Global Players Program and the ATP Business Programme (exclusive training for LaLiga players and professional tennis players), Talent Office (exclusive courses for employees of LaLiga clubs to support them in the implementation of Boost LaLiga projects), and programmes aimed at international sports entities, such as Liga MX and the Colombian Olympic Committee, as well as other leagues and sports organisations around the world.

For Jaume Pons, Head of Social Media and Digital Content at LaLiga, “In the digital world there are very few absolute truths. What is true today is no longer true tomorrow. The speed at which new technological proposals appear and our capacity to adapt to continuous change are two basic pillars for understanding the digitalisation process. It is up to us to decide whether we want to be part of this transformation or whether we want to be spectators.”

According to Santos Videla, Global Director of People & Learning at Globant, “this Masters degree brings together the expertise of two leaders in their sector. On the one hand, LaLiga as a major player in the sports industry in Europe; on the other, Globant as one of the leading companies in technological services at a global level. At Globant we believe in the transformative power of technology in all industries, and in the importance of developing the talent to be part of this revolution.”.

For his part, Fernando Matzkin, Chief Business Officer of Globant Europe, stated that “at Globant we firmly believe in the transformative capacity of the sports industry thanks to technology to enhance the experience of the millions of followers that this industry has. This, followed by our commitment to train and elevate talent wherever we go, is the perfect cocktail for the success of our first Master in Innovation and Digital Transformation together with LaLiga”.

This Masters Degree, which will be taught on-site at LaLiga's headquarters from November 2023 to June 2024 with a maximum of 25 students, aims to prepare participants for the constant and rapid transformation that the sports and entertainment industry is undergoing, especially in the digital sphere. In this sense, this Masters will help provide a specialised pool to help carry out Boost LaLiga projects. With the arrival of CVC as LaLiga's industrial partner, there has been a turning point in the digitalisation process of the entire industry; projects related to Boost LaLiga require constant innovation and adaptation, and require both the recruitment of qualified talent and an adequate reskilling of professionals who are already working in the Sports Industry.

The programme also includes international trips to Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Malaga, some of the world's leading technology hubs, to learn about the latest developments and trends in these fields.

The teaching staff includes professionals from LaLiga's Digital Strategy Department, Globant and LaLiga Tech, as well as other leading companies in the sector, such as Meta and Twitch, LaLiga Clubs and other players in the entertainment industry such as Universal Music Group and Warner Music Spain.

There will be a briefing about the Masters Degree at LaLiga's headquarters with professionals from LaLiga and Globant on Thursday, June 1. More details will be provided in the coming weeks through LaLiga Business School and Globant's social media channels.

All the information related to LaLiga's Masters Degree in Information and Digital Transformation will be available here.

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