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MAR 19.08.2014 | NOTA DE PRENSA

Javier Tebas: "The Liga Adelante will start this weekend and CD Mirandés will be there”

Liga de Fútbol Profesional president Javier Tebas spoke to the press and answered their questions with regards to this season’s Liga Adelante campaign.

Nota de Prensa

MAR 19.08.2014

Before any questions from the assembled journalists, Javier Tebas said: “After the statement issued by the Real Federación Española de Fútbol, and being a league of 22 clubs, for us CD Mirandés have the right to be there. Tomorrow we will communicate to the Court that, given there are 22 clubs, it is Mirandés who will be registered. We have offered €4 million as a cautionary substitute in order that the precautionary measure be lifted”. Therefore, the Liga Adelante will start this weekend and Real Murcia will not be registered, whereas CD Mirandés will.

The LFP president explained that this decision is the only one possible because “there is an agreement of collaboration with the RFEF that makes it impossible to do what the Mercantile Court no.7 of Madrid said on 12 August with regards to registering Real Murcia. If we have a house that is 200 metres squared, we cannot simply make it 240 metres squared. If a new Order were given meaning we had to obey it, we would. But that’s not the case”.

When asked if he knew if Real Murcia had gone to the courts with regards to the decision taken, the president noted: “I’m not sure that Murcia have taken legal action, but I’ve always said that each and every citizen had the rights to defend themselves in the civil, mercantile or criminal courts”.

Tebas said, “The idea to remove Mirandés has never been there. In accordance with the Statutes they were registered on 7 August. Nobody has told us this will change because it cannot change”.
Tebas also claimed the validity of the financial measures taken by the LFP in recent times: “Here what must be argued is if the economical control rules violate those of competition. We are convinced that we are doing the right thing with regards to economic control and that we are not violating European laws. Also, I remember that the decision was passed without listening to the LFP first”.

Before finishing the press conference, Javier Tebas made it clear that “the Supreme Council for Sport should not give an opinion because there is no conflict between the LFP an the RFEF, which is when they should act. Here there is an agreement between both parties, which says there should be 22 clubs, and to change this it is a long process”.

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