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Nota de Prensa

SAT 21.09.2013 | Nota de Prensa

Javier Tebas explains the application of economic control

Javier Tebas and Javier Gómez met with members of the press to explain the conomic situation of the clubs and PLCs.

Nota de Prensa

SAT 21.09.2013

President of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, Javier Tebas, and Javier Gómez, Director General of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, had a meeting with the press. During said meeting the informed them of the current economic situation that the clubs and PLCs of Ligas BBVA and Adelante after applying recently established economic control.

Also present at the meeting were Fernando Martín and Fernando Puig, Chief and Sub director of Inspection the National Sports Council (CSD) respectively. They showed their appreciation and acknowledged “the work going in at the LFP to reduce debt and economically treat and repair a very important competition.”

During the meeting, Javier Tebas affirmed “La Liga will be more competitive when the debts of clubs who have them is reduced, and those clubs can then pay less interest.” The President also added that “we’ll also be able to maintain the sporting potential, with the aim of giving it more television value in the face of an international market.”

Javier Gómez signalled, “the important thing is the principal of fairness”. The director General of the LFC added “the clubs have felt more secure seeing that an economic control has come in to benefit everyone before inequality arrived”. He also explained to the members of the press who were present that “a measure that means debt comes down means that the level of money coming in will go up. And if this equation carries on, the time taken to make things better will be reduced”.

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