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Nota de Prensa

MAR 13.02.2024 | Nota de Prensa

EA SPORTS and LALIGA present "Transforming the game"

In a new spot and through linking the virtual and real worlds, we will hear a manifesto that talks about a better football, a football for everyone.

Nota de Prensa

MAR 13.02.2024

EA SPORTS, title sponsor of the competition, is launching a new advert together with LALIGA, which will be seen around the world during all our matches. In it, we tell the story of the two brands' determination to create a football without barriers, a better football, a football for everyone.

Under the concept "Transforming the game", which will be extended to all joint EA SPORTS and LALIGA projects, both brands aim to build the football of the future, a football that is capable of making a positive impact on society.

The advert, which moves between the virtual world and the real world, was filmed on location at a pitch in Vallecas. The refurbishment of this emblematic pitch, was carried out last July using a design by Boa Mistura, and is an example of the type of initiative that fulfils the campaign’s aims. As proof of this marriage between the real and virtual worlds, this pitch will also be found in EA SPORTS FC 24.

Additionally, the advert featured several players who have been awarded scholarships as part of an initiative by EA SPORTS this season, to provide 20 scholarships for young players from all parts of the world to have the opportunity to train in the long-term LALIGA ACADEMY programme. LALIGA ACADEMY is LALIGA's international academy based at the ESC LALIGA & NBA Centre, a centre of sporting and academic excellence in Madrid that works to promote and encourage grassroots football around the world.

Both the refurbishment of pitches around the world and the scholarship programme are part of the LALIGA FC FUTURES project, which encompasses all our joint global initiatives in the field of youth football and is a clear expression of the "Transforming the game" mission.

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