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Second Round

Update on the process for requesting offers for the marketing of audiovisual rights for the 2019/20 season through to 2021/22.


FRI 21.12.2018

In accordance withthe Regulations Governing Calls for Bids for Rights to Market Audiovisual Content from the First and Second Divisions for the 2019/20 season through to 2021/22, published on 28 May 2018, LaLiga has now concluded the second round.

The result is as follows:

-      Out of the four lots that were yet to be allocated, Lots 6 and 8 have now been provisionally assigned. Neither lot achieved the reserve price, although the Control Body for the Administration of Audiovisual Rights, which convened at 2PM CET today, has decided on a provisional allocation, subject to the relevant agreements being finalised.


-      The remaining lots, 1 and 3, have not been allocated, given that none of the offers submitted came close to the reserve price.


-      The following table contains a summary of the lots on offer in the second round, a brief description of the content and the provisional recipients where applicable:


Brief description

Successful bidder

Lot 1

One match on every First Division matchday, free-to-air and exclusive, second choice. 


Lot 3

Two matches on every Second Division matchday, free-to-air and exclusive.


Lot 6

LaLiga Segunda Channel or equivalent content:

The 11 games on every Second Division matchday, pay TV, exclusive.

The six playoff matches for promotion to the First Division, paid, non-exclusive.

Highlights of every Second Division match, non-exclusive


Lot 8

90-second clips or mini-highlights of every First and Second Division match, for broadcast on the internet, exclusive.


Any further news in relation to the future marketing of Lots 1 and 3 will be communicated through our website (http://www.laliga.es/bases-concursos-de-derechos-audiovisuales).

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