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Official Statement

VIE 09.06.2023 | Official Statement

Press Release

Regarding Ruling 258/2023

Official Statement

VIE 09.06.2023

Regarding the ruling handed down by Madrid Court of First Instance No. 47, LaLiga, with respect to judicial decisions, would like to clarify that:

1. The ruling now handed down is limited to assessing whether or not there was a procedural defect in the conditions of the convening and adoption of the resolution of the LaLiga Assembly of August 12, 2021, so that the right to information in that specific Assembly could be affected, without at all entering into substantive issues of the resolutions. However, this contested agreement, which has now been superseded, and therefore any formal defect is understood to have been rectified, does not therefore call into question the legal conformity of the Boost LaLiga Project. As the ruling itself states “without prejudice to the effect that this judgment, if it becomes final, may have on agreements adopted subsequently”. Any possible formal defects highlighted in this lawsuit have already been fully remedied at the Assembly of December 10, 2021 where the final agreement was approved.

The substantive issues relating to the Boost LaLiga project have been subject to judicial debate in another subsequent proceeding in which the Assembly's resolution of December 10, 2021 is being challenged, and in respect of which the Provincial Court has recently issued an order rejecting the claims of Real Madrid, Athletic Club and FC Barcelona regarding their request for precautionary measures, confirming, in turn, the decisions previously issued by the Court of First Instance.

2. In this respect, the content of the ruling, with which LaLiga disagrees, concerns purely formal issues that have already been rectified in the subsequent agreement of December 10. Notwithstanding the foregoing, LaLiga understands that the necessary formalities for convening and holding the aforementioned Assembly were complied with, and that, contrary to the claims of the three plaintiff clubs, the agenda of the Assembly was not modified, but rather a simple clarification of the terms of the negotiations to be approved was introduced precisely in response to a request from these three clubs.

3. That the ruling in no way affects the validity and maintenance of the Boost LaLiga Project with CVC approved at the Assembly of December 10, 2021 and with respect to which, recently, the Provincial Court of Madrid has already issued a dismissal ruling.

For all of the above reasons, and given that the ruling is not final, LaLiga will lodge a corresponding appeal with the Provincial Court.

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