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LaLiga Santander Experience



LaLiga's international broadcasters press ahead with their search for the world's most eminent LaLiga Santander expert

Participants from a host of countries have joined in LaLiga's Ultimate Xpert in the quest for prizes, and the star of this week's new challenge is Valencia CF

LaLiga Santander Experience

FRI 18.12.2020

In previous contests, LaLiga Santander fans were asked trivia about Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona, but will they be able to come up with the correct answer to the question in the third edition of LaLiga's Ultimate Xpert?

Subscribers and followers of the international broadcasters will need to be on their toes and follow the instructions given on their shows and digital platforms during LaLiga Santander Matchday 14.

In this the third edition, the question of the week will focus on Valencia CF, with David Albelda, the former club player and LaLiga ambassador the man who will challenge subscribers to prove their smarts about the Valencian outfit.

Fans who missed out on the prizes in the previous contests can take another bite at the cherry, given that each week they will have the chance to take home the shirt of their favourite LaLiga Santander Club and a Competition ball, which would surely make for the perfect football gift this Christmas.

New broadcasters continue to add to the ranks of this global campaign. Specifically, Sky (Mexico), Eleven Sports (Poland) and Megogo (Ukraine) join the fold this matchday in search of LaLiga's Ultimate Xpert, launching original campaigns to challenge their subscribers.

Don't miss their announcements via the following links:

We wish you all the very best of luck!

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