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Nota de Prensa

VIE 17.03.2023 | Nota de Prensa

"LaLiga presents the ultimate fan battle for ElClásico"

Through these activations and its “ElClásico Rivalry by BKT” campaign LaLiga will bring ElClasico closer than ever to its fans by inviting them to participate in events across the world and by challenging them to make noise for their favorite team online.

Nota de Prensa

VIE 17.03.2023

ElClasico, the fierce rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, is widely recognised as the ultimate rivalry in all of sport. This football fixture has grown beyond the field and has become a true cultural phenomenon, drawing the attention of millions of fans worldwide. The intensity of the competition and the quality of players involved make ElClasico a spectacle that people around the world stop to watch.

Through its global presence across all five continents, LaLiga is able to bring ElClasico to football fans in every corner of the planet. This Sunday’s match will be taking place at the Spotify Camp Nou, but the game can be enjoyed far beyond Spain’s borders thanks to LaLiga’s organisation of more than 52 activations in more than 28 countries. In collaboration with local and global partners, including regional broadcasters, LaLiga is also teaming up with BKT Tires. Over 20,000 are expected to attend in-person events, where they will be able to enjoy an amazing community experience alongside other fans.

The ElClasico public viewing events have become legendary over recent years and there will be several huge fan fests this weekend. For example, there will be one for approximately 5,000 people in Mexico City, one for 2,000 people in Los Angeles and another for 1,000 people in Ghana. That’s on top of further watch parties to take place in countries as spread out as India, Brazil, Poland, Cameroon, Canada, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Even in Asia and Oceania, LaLiga is organising activations and events for the fans who are waking up early to watch ElClasico, such as a breakfast watch party in Australia.

There are several sporting events too to promote physical activity, from a 10k ElClasico fun run in Colombia to an ElClasico fun football festival in Indonesia to a youth football tournament in Uganda, and much more in between.

Furthermore, there will be prize draws, other digital campaigns and various collaborations with influencers, so that fans can watch the game alongside their favourite social media personalities. In Argentina, for example, there will be a special experience featuring someone who knows exactly what it’s like to score in ElClasico, as former FC Barcelona player Kun Agüero will participate in a streaming event with Star+.

“ElClasico rivalry by BKT”: Will FC Barcelona or Real Madrid’s fans win on the digital scoreboard?

As well as participating in these various activations and cheering for their favourite team to win the match, fans around the world will also have the chance to impact the digital scoreboard that has been created by LaLiga and BKT Tires, official global partner and a company that has spent over three decades as a pioneer in developing and producing secure, innovative, and high-performance tires for a variety of specialized industries, including agriculture, construction, earthmoving, ports, and mining

There will be various challenges and games at the activations taking place around the world and where fans of FC Barcelona and of Real Madrid will be able to earn points for their club on the “ElClasico rivalry by BKT” scoreboard. By the end of ElClasico weekend, the points won at the events all over the world will have been tallied up and it’ll become clear which fanbase had the best fans.

Fans will also be able to participate online, by posting different photo and video content of ElClasico, with the hashtag #ElClásicoRM or #ElClásicoBarça and sum up points for their favourite team.


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