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Javier Tebas: "We are certain the Royal Decree will soon be signed"

The La Liga president explained the decisions that were taken during the Extraordinary General Assembly held in Barcelona.


WED 25.03.2015

Javier Tebas and Joan Collet, the RCD Espanyol president, held a press conference following the Extraordinary General Assembly in the Power8 Stadium in which they outlined the conclusions of the meeting.

The La Liga president explained the conclusions of the points that were discussed during the Assembly with regards to Integrity, the 'Osasuna Affair' as well as the presentation of the report entitled Monitoring of Piracy and Digital Content Consumer Habits to the clubs. On top of that, Tebas explained the changes the LFP will be carrying out in terms of the association's corporative image and that from now on it will be simply referred to as 'La Liga'. He also spoke about investment funds, "we at La Liga are opposed to banning third party ownership but are in favour of regulation. Additionally, he reminded the clubs about the international seminar that will address this subject on 9 April".

The majority of Javier Tebas's press conference was spent talking with the media outlets in attendance about the sale and distribution of centralised televisions rights. On this topic, the La Liga president announced that "we are certain the Royal Decree will be signed very shortly and that we will not have to make any more decisions on this matter. We will gauge our thoughts this week and will then decide whether to change tact or not after Easter Week".

Javier Tebas affirmed that he had spoken with Miguel Cardenal, the Spanish Secretary of State for Sport, who he referred to as "the biggest supporter of the Royal Decree. He has been working on this for months and is as keen as we are for it to be implemented". The president of the federation of clubs outlined, "this matter is by no means at a standstill as Miguel Cardenal, the Spanish Government, politicians, fans and clubs are all in favour of the regulation of the sale and distribution of television rights. We believe there is a lack of understanding as to what the real problem is for football". Following on from this, Joan Collet added to Tebas's message: "The Government urged us to postpone this Assembly because we have faith the Royal Decree will come into effect". With respect to this, the president added, "we have to make those in charge of making these decisions aware of how essential this Royal Decree, for the central sale of TV rights, is. It is fundamental for the survival of Spanish teams in La Liga".

Tebas also addressed the subject of fans potentially whistling during the Spanish national anthem: "If we consider Puta Catalunya to be an intolerable chant, then I think the same is true of someone whistling during the anthem". Javier Tebas also clarified his thoughts about the possible sanctions for players who may have provoked supporters, "they might face sanctions if their intolerable behaviour falls within the RFEF’s disciplinary code. If these kinds of gestures are directed towards the fans, they will also need to carry a sanction as that kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated in Spanish football".

Javier Tebas expressed his personal opinion about FC Barcelona: "As a financial lawyer, the accusations that have been levelled at the club and its president do not sit right with me. It is a matter of interpretation".

In addition to that, an assembly vote decided that the highest ranked relegated side would fill a vacant spot in the case of an administrative-provoked relegation.

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