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MIÉ 16.04.2014 | NEWS

The LFP and Atlético, at the cutting edge of technology

The LFP and MEDIAPRO bring a cutting edge to Spanish football with Google Glass.


MIÉ 16.04.2014

The LFP, Mediapro and UCAM have developed the first native Google Glass application that allows a club's technical staff to obtain all the statistics that they may needed, both before and during a game. The application uses the advanced statistics system Mediacoach, designed by the LFP and technologically coordinated by Mediapro.

It will be the first time that Google Glass integrates a such a useful footballing service. A tool that amplifies the advantages now offered by Mediacoach. The product allows the analysis of games in real time and the extraction of data from each game; clubs will have every facet of information about their own game, and of the sides they will face throughout the season.

The objective of the application is that managers and their technical staff of all LFP sides have access to a series of select statistics about a game in real time without missing a moment of play. The glasses will have the statistics from the previous game saved on them and will be available to consult without the need for an internet coconnection. For the glasses to operate live and receive data, they will have to be connected to the internet either via wifi or Bluetooth.

With this the LFP continues its objective of making sure that Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante are the most advanced leagues in the world in all fields.

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