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  • LaLiga Ultimate Challenge 2021/22
  • 2020/2021

LaLiga Experience returns this 2020/2021 season with a completely revamped format. In this new edition, LaLiga’s international broadcasters are offered to hold a competition to help them attract attract a greater number of subscribers and retain their current viewers, whilst generating exclusive content around LaLiga Santander, the Clubs and the players.

LaLiga’s international broadcasters will have the chance to participate in this competition to find LaLiga Santander’s "biggest expert", with all the necessary visual resources, videos and, of course, the help of the LaLiga Experience team.

Each matchday, they will launch a video on TV and social media with the weekly "LaLiga's Ultimate Xpert" question, starring an ambassador or player from LaLiga Santander. Subscribers of the channel should pay close attention during the shows and the chosen LaLiga Santander match of the week, since in these videos, an interesting fact about the Club will be revealed, providing the necessary information so that subscribers can participate in the contest and win exclusive prizes matchday by matchday

Interaction with followers and subscribers across the world will be encouraged with the use of the official hashtag #LaLigaUltimateXpert. At the end of the season, only those who prove to be “ultimate experts” on LaLiga Santander will be chosen to be part of LaLiga Experience, a unique footballing experience in Spain alongside a companion and a journalist from the channel. Ready to find out more about this new competition? Don’t miss a single detail from #LaLigaUltimateXpert.

Experiences 2020/2021

#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday  37
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 35
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 34
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 33
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 30
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 29
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 28
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 27
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 26
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 25
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 24
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 23
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 22
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 21
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 20
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 18
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 17
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 14
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 13
#LaLigaUltimateXpert - Matchday 12

LaLiga Experience



Curtain comes down on successful maiden edition of LaLiga Ultimate Xpert involving 180,000 participants

The search launched by LaLiga and its broadcasters to unearth the world’s biggest LaLiga Santander boffin has reached its conclusion with some impressive participation figures after 180,000 users from more than 100 countries took part in the initiative.