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Nota de Prensa

MAR 30.05.2023 | Nota de Prensa

The El Clásico goal scoring balls in the hands of fans for the first time in history

Spain and the United States are the two countries where LaLiga Santander fans have obtained the three goal balls from the most-watched match on the planet, thanks to Gol Ball.

Nota de Prensa

MAR 30.05.2023

Since Gol Ball arrived in LaLiga Santander in January 2023, many fans have fulfilled their dream of having a goal ball. This was previously unthinkable, as acquiring one was a precious asset accessible to very few people. But with GolBall.com, the democratization of the goal ball has arrived. Fans from almost 150 countries around the world can collect digital goal balls and, in over 200 cases, obtain the authenticated original goal ball.

And, of course, the most-watched match on the planet, El Clásico between Real Madrid and Fútbol Club Barcelona, could not be an exception. Two of the three goals scored by the stars of the match (Ronald Araújo's own goal and Sergi Roberto's goal) have gone to the fans who had acquired these digital balls through GolBall.com. With that alone, both of them obtained the original balls through a random combination, one in Spain and the other in the USA. The other ball, Franck Kessié's goal ball, will soon start a traveling exhibition in the city of Barcelona for all fans to enjoy. Both of these things are unprecedented, as the goal balls of a match, especially such a significant one, had never before fallen into the hands of fans in such a simple and affordable way.

GOL BALL uses blockchain technology for authentication, ensuring the originality of the goal scoring balls, accompanied by a very thorough manual process. The goal commissioners, who are involved in each of the first division fields, carry out an impeccable job of tracking and certifying the balls.

Furthermore, GOL BALL has now launched its app to facilitate the management and collection of digital goal balls for its users. Fans can also win numerous products from their favorite teams and incredible VIP experiences through the app.

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