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Main Partner

EA Sports

Since few years ago, EA SPORTS FIFA has become the number one franchise in the sports video game industry. Always link to football and sharing the same values of LaLiga, from now on it will be the only football simulator videogame that will enjoy an exclusive agreement with LaLiga.



Global Partner



Sport has the power to transform and empower us. As one of the world’s leading sports brands, it’s only natural that we want to stand on the same playing field as the fastest athletes on the planet. To achieve that, the PUMA brand is based on the very values that make an excellent athlete.


We’re never afraid to take risks. We trust our instincts to make unexpected choices that push sport forward.


Whatever we do, we do with conviction. We make strong statements, we are bold and we believe in ourselves.


Nothing comes between us and realizing our dreams. We believe success is an endless pursuit to improve ourselves and how we play.


We live to play the game. For us, sport is more than winning at all costs. We revel in the pure joy of sport competition and play.



Mahou, the most awarded Spanish beer range in the world, is a beer family born in Amaniel Street in Madrid in 1890. As a result of the work of master brewers who, for more than 130 years, have been seeking to share flavors and gatherings around them. Experience, passion and quality have driven Mahou to continue growing and innovating, to offer consumers a wide portfolio of brands such as Mahou Cinco Estrellas, Mahou Clásica, Mahou 0,0 Tostada, Mahou Maestra, Mahou Cinco Estrellas Session IPA, Mahou Barrica, Mahou Sin Gluten, Mahou Cinco Estrellas Radler, or Casimiro. 

Historically, Mahou Cinco Estrellas has always supported football and its fans, enjoying with them in every match and promoting gatherings around football to enjoy this shared passion. In order to maximize the common forces with LaLiga, an international agreement has been developed that encompasses the entire Mahou San Miguel company and reinforces the support for our soccer and its power of social transformation, the strength and potential of LaLiga, as well as the shared values between both organizations.


Visit Saudi

Visit Saudi is a vibrant consumer brand dedicated to sharing Saudi Arabia with the world and welcoming travelers to explore all the country has to offer. Visit Saudi’s role is to drive forward the country’s tourism industry through awareness-raising campaigns and to provide a comprehensive array of information and resources for travelers to plan and enjoy unforgettable journeys. As the world’s fastest-growing destination, Saudi, the authentic home of Arabia, is the most exciting new year-round destination.




BKT Tires is a leading manufacturer in the off-highway tire market. Specializing in the manufacture of tires for agricultural, industrial and OTR vehicles.

BKT products are sold in over 160 countries worldwide through a network of national distributors. As a global specialty tire supplier, BKT’s strength lies in its extensive tire lineup of over 2,700 products. The company is committed to offering quality solutions that are able to satisfy the most demanding user needs in addition to value added services.

BKT aims at further enhancing both equipment performance and efficiency enabling users to be highly competitive within their sector.

Consistent investment into Research & Development is a hallmark and part of the corporate philosophy.

Not only products. The BKT brand is based on a totality of essential elements: quality, technology, innovation, service, but also care for the community, for the environment, for people’s future.

Discovering the philosophy of BKT is a real journey that leads to the company’s Indian roots. Not only are these ever present, but they are BKT’s drive in terms of their CSR policy. Thanks to the giving-back principle, the group continues to thank and to give back – particularly to India – as much as possible from what it has received. It does this by facing topics of human solidarity, social development, and environmental responsibility.

BKT is aware about its environmental footprint and fully committed to reducing it and being a good example to be followed: among the many acknowledgements and certifications, BKT has received for three years in a row the National Energy Conservation and Sustainability Award conferred by the Indian President to companies that distinguish by managing natural resources. This happened thanks to the fact that 50% of the BKT production in Northern India is met by wind energy.

When it comes to charity, BKT operates through the BKT Foundation that sustains projects and initiatives of different nature and origin. This includes the health sector and supporting the essential right to study. The purpose is to ensure education to underprivileged children, rescuing them from the streets, and taking them to school. In cooperation with the Government of India, a remarkable school canteen program has been implemented providing food to over 1.4 million children at 10.000 schools located throughout ten Indian states to fight against hunger and malnutrition. BKT activated numerous charity events and initiatives all over the world. As multinational group, it feels the urge to intervene globally, not only in India, and to take care of every single community.

BKT is also renown for its commitment in the sport world. Many are the sporting events that the multinational group from India supports and follows actively all over the world. Whether it is about cricket, football, or the amazing stunts at Monster Jam – BKT loves sport because it fully reflects its corporate philosophy: the joy of achieving goals, the feeling of satisfaction and content when being rewarded for all efforts and sacrifices, the ability of hitting new records aiming at always higher and greater ambitions.

Welcome to the BKT world - far more than tires!



Welcome to the Gol-Ball Disruption

Gol-Ball is a technology company based in Miami that has developed a patentpending process to identify goal-scoring balls in football matches with the objective of giving the balls to fans of the sport.

In an innovative way, Gol-Ball has created a collection of official goal-scoring balls in Web3, bridging the real and digital worlds. Additionally, fans will be able to enjoy the physical goal-scoring balls that have been identified, certified, and registered using blockchain technology, thus guaranteeing authenticity.

Own the ball.




Founded in 2018, Sorare was created by football fans for football fans. Through NFT collectibles and its global fantasy football, the company is on a mission to become ‘the game within the game’.

Sorare is transforming online sports fandom and giving its community a new way to connect to the clubs and players that they love.  LaLiga fans, collectors and fantasy football players are now able to freely trade and play with digital cards of players from LaLiga. 

Sorare’s mission is to build “the game within the game” and to give fans the platform to celebrate, share and own their football passion.

On Sorare, fans can earn weekly prizes, from new cards, to money can't buy experiences like going to a LaLiga game and watching it with a Legend. 

For more information: https://sorare.com/laliga



PANINI ESPAÑA SA, con sede en Torroella de Montgrí (Girona), es la filial del GRUPO PANINI responsable de los mercados de España y Portugal. La empresa PANINI fue fundada en 1961 por los hermanos Benito, Giuseppe, Umberto y Franco Panini en Módena, ciudad del Norte de Italia en la que PANINI sigue conservando su sede central. En la actualidad el GRUPO PANINI distribuye sus productos en más de 150 países de todo el mundo y cuenta con una plantilla de 1.200 empleados. EL GRUPO PANINI edita en exclusiva los productos coleccionables (cromos, trading cards, card games…) de las principales Ligas europeas (con España, Inglaterra, Italia y Francia a la cabeza), asimismo edita los productos coleccionables de las Copa del Mundo (tanto masculina como femenina), Eurocopa y Copa América, entre otras muchos.

En el mercado español, la colección de LaLiga cumple su 51ª temporada de presencia ininterrumpida en el mercado. La primera fue lanzada durante la temporada 1972-73 bajo el sello de Colecciones Este, marca perteneciente al GRUPO PANINI desde 2001. La colección de cromos de LaLiga Santander 2022-23 de Colecciones Este/Panini es la única bajo licencia oficial de LaLiga.



LALIGA Golazos

Dapper Labs is a blockchain and web3 studio focused entirely on bringing the joy and benefits of decentralised entertainment apps to a billion consumers. This is being executed by launching consumer facing experiences and creating the tools and consumer protection, safety and accessibility to allow for easier adoption of the technology.Dapper Labs partners with top leagues and entertainment companies to create official digital collectible non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), which can be bought, displayed and traded. Dapper Labs’ products include, among others, LaLiga, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike and CryptoKitties.For more information: https://laligagolazos.com/


Local Partner

INGOT Brokers


About 50 years ago, two serious snack lovers bashed their large brains together to create a potato-based snack to pop the mind and mesmerise the mouth. 

Escape the everyday with Pringles. A snack that’s shaped like the universe itself, a perfectly stackable hyperbolic parabloid that hugs the tongue and delights the tastebuds.

Created with randomness. Playfulness. A sprinkling of seriousness and heaps of curiousness. The historical red can, the chip, the pop and Mr. P himself are all synonymous with Pringles – now that’s saying something!

The iconic household name has found itself sitting comfortably among the top names in the potato chips category within the GCC region and has become a more than just a snack – it has become a lifestyle. Pringles is a brand that appeals to the masses with its very specific tone of voice. It’s a witty, humorous and particular tone that serves almost a quick and semi-sarcastic character but isn’t rude It’s an inviting brand that is constantly looking to engage!

The brand offers a wide variety of flavours, sizes and formats and is consistently introducing limited editions to encourage the exploration of the palate!

Pringles consumers are iconic themselves – they tend to be the stars of the show, the leaders of the pack, the hungry for experiences and the trend setters of the crowd. They are ridiculously digitally savvy and are up to date on all platforms.

Keeping the focus on its consumers Pringles has identified a few critical and potential consumption moments – football being the key one.

The long-standing association with football comes from the insight that our social connectors (i.e. our consumers) are fans of the sports; from following religiously at the stadiums to casual in-home watching with friends, and they enjoy snacking throughout the experience! What better snack that the pioneer of ‘the chip in a can’, man?!

Becoming the Official Regional Snacks Partner in the GCC & Morocco is possibly the most exciting partnership on football the brand has created and the strength of the two brands is sure to make waves! LaLiga and Pringles – a match made in heaven. From the excitement and thrill LaLiga brings to the anticipation and fun Pringles brings, this was no accidental marriage! The partnership will only strengthen Pringles as a serious ambassador of the sport will give its social connectors chances of a lifetime to experience the greatness of LaLiga!


Associated Brand


Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) impulsa la transformación digital para la era de la nube inteligente y el Intelligent Edge. Su misión es ayudar a cada persona y a cada organización en el planeta a hacer más en su día a día.