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Nota de Prensa

VIE 03.11.2023 | Nota de Prensa

LALIGA welcomes the President-elect of the Republic of Ecuador

The president elect of the Republic of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, was welcomed to Madrid by the President of LALIGA, Javier Tebas.

Nota de Prensa

VIE 03.11.2023

The recently appointed President of the Republic of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa Azín, held a meeting with Javier Tebas at LALIGA Headquarters with the aim of signing a memorandum of understanding, establishing the foundation for a future agreement.

The agreement will promote cooperation between the Ecuadorian Government, LALIGA and LigaPro to help strengthen the development of football and professional sport in the Republic of Ecuador, as well as to work on social development programmes and other joint initiatives that foster collaboration and benefit the three institutions, as well as the football and social community in their respective territories.

During his visit, Daniel Noboa, President-elect of the Republic of Ecuador, wanted to emphasise “the value of these projects for children who do not understand different social realities and unify childhood. The impact that this has on the parents, relatives and younger siblings of the children who participate is very positive and is something that generates a relevant impact to reduce the crime rates that concern us so much today. “Initiatives like this will be the basis of what we want to change as a Government.”

The Ecuadorian president-elect showed special interest in the agreement that FUNDACIÓN LALIGA has with the Government of the Republic of El Salvador for the development of socio-educational spaces, specifically the creation of 262 socio-sports schools throughout the country, with the aim of promoting inclusion, participation, entrepreneurship, employment and violence prevention among children and young people by teaching values and practicing sports.

This project is the inspiration for any future agreement between LALIGA, the Ecuadorian Government and LigaPro.

In this respect, President of LALIGA, Javier Tebas, wanted to highlight "the importance of collaborating with the institutions and governments of the countries where LALIGA is present, with the aim of being an active part in projects and initiatives that are based on sporting values and develop and improve society".

Therefore, through the agreement, both institutions will commit to the exchange of knowledge and best practices in professional football, to promote social responsibility projects related to football, and to collaborate in the development of a socio-sports programme that promotes inclusion, participation, high-quality education, gender equality, entrepreneurship and the eradication of violence through sport, among kids, teenagers and young people, through the application of programmes that make these objectives possible.

Noboa Azín took advantage of his visit to learn about the special collaborative relationship that exists between LALIGA and LigaPro, Ecuador's Professional Football League, who were also present at the meeting.  Accordingly, its president, Miguel Ángel Loor, wanted to emphasise that ““LigaPro is delighted with the relationships created over the years with LALIGA. We are also delighted to work together with the country on all plans that require it; for the boys and girls of Ecuador it is essential to have the impulse that the president is giving us”.

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