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Nota de Prensa

MIÉ 23.11.2016 | Nota de Prensa

LaLiga and ESSMA come together at Fan Entertainment Workshop at Mestalla

LaLiga handed out copies of The Practical Guide for Fans to all attendees.

Nota de Prensa

MIÉ 23.11.2016

LaLiga took part in the Fan Entertainment Workshop staged at Mestalla by the European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA). This event brought football clubs, suppliers and organisations from all over Europe together with the aim of analysing recent trends and technology that can be used to improve the matchday experience at stadiums. Stoke City, Juventus and EA Sports also participated in the workshop alongside LaLiga.

Alfredo Lorenzo, LaLiga's director of integrity and security, took part in the event by presenting The Practical Guide for Fans. During his presentation, he explained that the project's main mission is to improve the atmosphere in stadiums while promoting values such as tolerance and respect for opposition fans, stadiums, referees, players, clubs and organisations.

"The formula that we're looking to promote at LaLiga is 'Fans + respect = the football experience,' given that at LaLiga we understand that fans are the most important part of the game in Spain and we have to understand them," added Lorenzo during his presentation. LaLiga is working hard to build a fan entertainment culture and learn about it through events, case studies and networking.

LaLiga made the most of the Fan Entertainment Workshop at Mestalla by unveiling The Practical Guide for Fans which delves into how all supporters can live side-by-side through promoting safety and eradicating violence and xenophobia. LaLiga is constantly working alongside supporters through fan group Aficiones Unidas (AFEPE) and set up the Buzon del Aficionado, a dedicated email address through which fans can submit complaints and suggestions anonymously.

Dimitri Huygen, the ESSMA managing director, expressed his happiness with "LaLiga and all its clubs taking part in ESSMA." Huygen also added that "a large part of the improvements in stadium management across Europe are occurring because of the development of a sharing and learning culture. LaLiga's contribution to this has been highly relevant."

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