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Environmental Fair Play
  • Sport in general and football in particular is a key tool to address the climate threat, driving behavioural change on a practical and cultural level. Football, like no other industry or economic sector, is capable of mobilising national and international institutions and powers, of involving sportsmen and women (symbolic, social and media references), of easily reaching millions of people around the world who love football (increasingly concerned about their environment), but also of approaching and showing its most committed side, with all those people who are indifferent to, or even show its rejection with some of the news generated by football.

    However, there is a deficit that sport and football must make up for in terms of ecological transition. In order to do so, it is necessary to promote their environmental culture, with an emphasis on environmental performance and reporting.

Environmental FairPlay

This is what the Environmental Fair Play project aims to do: it is a two-year programme that promotes the creation of a platform of knowledge and experiences aimed at improving the environmental performance of the football industry, as well as accelerating the global ecological transition by taking advantage of its social and media centrality.

  • The EFP is fully funded by the CVC Foundation, through its action programme called Eco Grants, which, among other objectives, promotes the development of innovative solutions to gather environmental impact, to advance in the achievement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, or to share good ideas and experiences in this field.

  • Environmental Fair Play also represents the materialisation of an alliance between Foundations (LaLiga FOUNDATION and CVC Foundation). Organisations that share the same values and the same commitment to orientate their efforts towards a greater positive social impact of their activities, and of closeness and collaboration with their stakeholders.

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