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Fair Play Social Training



  • Within the Fair Play Social project, training has been playing a decisive role in order to multiply the power of transformation and positive social impact that football has. This is undoubtedly a common objective shared by the rest of the clubs and foundations (especially significant stakeholders for FUNDACIÓN LaLiga). To this end, training is the ideal lever because it allows for continuous improvement in the technical performance of people who carry out tasks or functions related in one way or another to the Strategic Management of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

    Since the launch of the Fair play Social project in 2016, we have been designing different training actions in various formats with the common denominator of a design that is very much in line with the needs and challenges of the football industry in general and the foundational world in particular.

Formación Fair Play Social

In this link we offer in an orderly and systematised way the access to a training repository in which all the training materials used in each of the training actions developed to date are compiled. Likewise, you can access the contents and resources of the training corresponding to each of the current seasons.  The aim is that any interested foundation or club can access it following a chronological and content order. We can also help or suggest you to choose the training contents that best suit the needs of the organisation and the technical level of the people who make up the organisation. In order to do so, you must send a previous request to the following e-mail address: fairplaysocial@fundacion.laliga.es.