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JUE 17.09.2015 | News

Luis Figo: "We are very proud to be part of #LaLigaAmbassadors"

The 10 Liga BBVA ambassadors, along with the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, and LaLiga´s director in the Middle East and North Africa, Fernando Sanz, starred #LaLigaAmbassadors.


JUE 17.09.2015

#LaLigaAmbassadors in 12 quotes.

Roberto Carlos: "The best players of the world are training in Liga BBVA, making it the best. I'm learning as a coach. Maybe in fifteen years I can be in Liga BBVA". 

Luis Figo: "After having the privilege of playing many seasons in Spain, I am proud to help to increase the value of Liga BBVA worldwide. It is a responsibility and a pleasure to be ambassador along with my colleagues".

Fernando Morientes: "The dream of every coach is to work in Liga BBVA. I lack experience, I will gradually grow and I would like to go to the best league, Liga BBVA".

Ismael Urzaiz: "I lived many adventures in Spain and I was lucky to play in smaller clubs. To be part of LaLiga was something very exciting and, of course, an honor". 

Gaizka Mendieta: "It is a privilege to be an ambassador of Liga BBVA, which I consider the best in the world. After so many years as a player and as a supporter it is an honor to be able to expand this league at international level". 

Patrick Kluivert: "I am very happy to be in #LaLigaAmbassadors with these great colleagues. This means I did a good job. The most important thing for us is to promote and move the best league in the world". 

Christian Karembeu: "I am very proud to be part of #LaLigaAmbassadors family. It is important that everyone know and watch this league". 

Michel Salgado: "Being with my colleagues and share this responsibility with them is nice. We are proud to represent this league in which I played so long". 

Frederic Kanoute: "Liga BBVA is represented worldwide. I am so proud to have been part of Liga BBVA and now is amazing to be an ambassador with all this great colleagues". 

David Albelda: " Be remembered to represent the best league in the world is a proud. We want to show Liga BBVA for people to see how powerful and important this competition is. "
Fernando Sanz: " We have a common goal: to promote LaLiga worldwide. It is an exciting work for all of us". 

Javier Tebas: "All ambassadors have been icons in their clubs and LaLiga. LaLiga’s growth is unstoppable. The key is to keep growing and that our fans continue to see such great players and their values spread worldwide. We will continue to work in order to grow the number of players to expand Liga BBVA internationally". 

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