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LALIGA Impulso

LALIGA Impulso was born as a strategic project for LaLiga through which the investment fund CVC – a benchmark partner with extensive experience in the sports industry – injected €1.925 billion to undertake growth and consolidation projects from a sporting and business point of view. This groundbreaking agreement in professional sports in our country has provided the LALIGA clubs with the necessary drive to undertake initiatives that ensure their growth and the growth of the competition.

The majority of clubs have endorsed this initiative, with 44 clubs already voluntarily joining for the seasons of 2021/2022, 2022/2023, and 2023/2024.

The funds received by the clubs are earmarked and can only be used for a pre-determined number of items. At least 70% must be allocated to investments to grow the club, i.e. to strengthen areas such as Infrastructure, Digital, Technology, Communications, Commercial & Marketing, International, Branding, as well as its staff structures. In addition, the financial structure can optionally be optimised (max. 15%) and the sports squad can be strengthened by extending the salary cap (max. 15%).

From the start of the project, we worked with all clubs and adapted the projects to their structures and objectives in order to promote the football industry as a whole. Internally, a task force was formed under the coordination of the Chairman's Office to cover the most important development areas: Communications, Digital, Technical Infrastructure, International, Brand, Commercial & Marketing, Technology, Youth Teams, CSR, HR and Business Infrastructure.

The LALIGA has set aspirational targets that clubs must achieve each season. These targets are tailored to each club and are designed to provide a framework for their actions and help them draw up their development plans.

These plans include the main projects and initiatives that the clubs will carry out, either directly or indirectly, with the help of LALIGA Impulso funds in order to achieve the targets set by LALIGA. 

LALIGA offers extensive support and monitoring for the development of projects and initiatives put forth by the clubs, ensuring progress and the fulfilment of agreed objectives are closely tracked.

To ensure the achievement of objectives and successful implementation of projects and initiatives, continuous support is provided to the clubs through various initiatives. These include the use of a Dashboard, which allows both the clubs and LALIGA to track progress towards meeting objectives, as well as a Development Plans tool that facilitates the filing and monitoring of projects and initiatives, among other matters.

The agreement with CVC enables the clubs to make investments that are geared towards their growth and have a major impact both in their immediate environment and in the sports industry. Numerous stadium renovations and expansions of training grounds have already been realised. Internationalisation, progress in the digitalisation of teams or working in brand environments are other real examples of changes and impacts on LALIGA clubs.

Finally, LALIGA IMPULSO is also a generator of wealth and employment, which has a direct impact on the regions with professional football teams. A study carried out by KPMG on the economic impact of CVC's investment shows that LALIGA IMPULSO will contribute 0.48% to GDP, which corresponds to an annual contribution of 0.01%, creating around 50.000 jobs and contributing €1.274 billion to the state's revenue.