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MON 07.03.2022 | NOTA DE PRENSA

LaLiga and Virslīga sign MoU to further the development of football

LaLiga and Virslīga have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) under which they will work together, to promote football development.

Nota de Prensa

MON 07.03.2022

The signing took place in Madrid by Oscar Mayo, Executive Director of LaLiga and Maksims Krivunecs, Chairman of the Board of the Virsliga.

The MoU will also establish new lines of communication for the competitions to exchange expertise on leadership, technology, corporate governance, sports management, female football and various aspects of audio-visual, commercial, and marketing matters.

Moreover, this MoU describes the mutual understanding between LaLiga and Virslīga to develop Training Seminars focused on different roles at Spanish and Latvian clubs to encourage the exchange of information to face new challenges in the football industry.

The document also covers other areas of collaboration, from brand protection and the increase of brand presence to supporting each other in strategy and development regarding media rights, the promotion of technology solutions, and the strengthening of grassroots football.

Oscar Mayo, LaLiga's Executive Director, highlighted the importance of signing this agreement: “This agreement will allow us to strengthen our relationship with Virslīga and work together to exchange experiences and contribute to the development and professionalization of international football.”

Maksims Krivunecs, Virsliga President, “LaLiga is one of the most advanced sports leagues in the world. This agreement is our mutual intention to exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as to cooperate and develop the industry in all parts of the world. We share the same vision and ambitions.

The scope of this agreement is not limited only to the leagues' projects, but also builds a bridge between LaLiga and Virsliga clubs. It promotes communication, partnerships, exchange of experience and knowledge between our members.

I am sure this partnership will influence Virsliga a lot and, as the ultimate goal, will bring more value to our fans.

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