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What does LaLiga sound like?

Sound Identity Official Video

LaLiga has a recent Sound Identity, "The Heartbeats of the Future". It is a unifying musical piece that gives a voice to all football fans regardless of their colors, in multiple formats designed for diverse environments. Composed by Lucas Vidal, LaLiga's soundtrack has been recorded in Madrid, Prague, and London, with more than 130 musicians from 20 countries taking part in it. From the beginning, LaLiga searched for an epic yet versatile tone to emulate the different moments of a soccer match: passion, drama, joy, etc.

1 minute version

40 seconds version

30 seconds version

15 seconds version - Relax

15 seconds version - Strong

10 seconds version - Relax

10 seconds version - Strong

6 seconds version

4 seconds version - Bumper

3 seconds version - Relax

3 seconds version - Strong

LaLiga Sound track user guide ENG

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