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Official Statement

VIE 24.03.2023 | Official Statement

Press Release

Interim injunctions sought by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club against Boost LaLiga-CVC refused

Official Statement

VIE 24.03.2023

The Provincial Court of Madrid has today notified LaLiga of the refusal of the precautionary measures requested by Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club, which aimed to paralyse Boost LaLiga's joint project with CVC.

This is the third time that the court has denied the adoption of precautionary measures, as this request was made as an appeal by the three clubs against the order of the Court of First Instance which had previously denied the request.

The Provincial Court "ratifies the non-existence of both the appearance of good reason and the non-existence of danger of default", that is to say, neither of the two requirements for the adoption of a precautionary measure.

The order of the Provincial Court also indicates that "the current plaintiffs constitute a minimum number of members, three out of 38, in order to uphold the annulment of the Agreements".

“The same Statutes of LaLiga provide for the possibility of third parties outside LaLiga to participate in the commercial activities of LaLiga, with the latter having full capacity for self-organisation with regard to its private legal scope of action,” the court also adds.

Finally, the Provincial Court ordered Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club to pay the costs of the proceedings.

LaLiga welcomes the ruling which once again ratifies the legitimacy of the clubs' agreement with CVC, which has the support of 38 signatory clubs, and has allowed these clubs to plan investments, without public aid, which otherwise would have been unaffordable and which will accelerate the growth of the clubs over 20 years in terms of investment, infrastructure, internationalisation and professionalisation, among other things.

Once again LaLiga regrets the selfish stance of the plaintiff clubs who insist on stopping a project that 38 clubs have joined, plus the four clubs promoted this season, as it is a joint project that benefits everyone and that has been replicated by the professional leagues of Italy, France and Germany, who have been inspired by the project led by LaLiga to stimulate their own growth.

LaLiga trusts that despite repeated attempts by an interested minority, the courts will continue to find in favour of the common benefit inherent in a project such as Boost LaLiga, which involves an investment of 2 billion euros in professional football, with the consequent growth for the sporting and regional ecosystem within the clubs' areas of influence.


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