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JUE 17.08.2023 | Institutional

LALIGA announces Visit Saudi as new Official Travel Destination and global sponsor

LALIGA, Spain’s professional football league, and Visit Saudi today signed a first-of-its-kind global partnership agreement


JUE 17.08.2023

LALIGA and Visit Saudi have entered a partnership agreement with the aim of showcasing Saudi Arabia, the authentic home of Arabia, as the most exciting, year-round destination - where the passion for football intertwines with bridging connections among diverse cultures, ultimately bringing communities together.

This collaboration will amplify Visit Saudi’s work highlighting Saudi Arabia as the world’s fastest-growing destination, its rich and captivating cultural heritage, its diverse landscapes, and its role as a pivotal hub for unprecedented sporting and cultural interactions in today's football landscape.

Today’s partnership agreement demonstrates the strong historical connection between LALIGA’s and Saudi Arabia – for over 15 years LALIGA games have been followed by millions of football fans across the Kingdom, Saudi football players have played in Spain as well as Spanish players in the Saudi league, and Saudi now has more than six official fan clubs for LALIGA teams.

Iker Casillas, LALIGA ambassador, said "The great development of sport and sporting events in Saudi Arabia represents a real boost to the attractiveness of the destination, adding to its cultural interest and amazing landscapes. We are sure that this new partnership will be a success in connecting and attracting both football and sports fans in general, as well as new followers."

Saudi Arabia has embraced the sport, elevating football to its pinnacle as the most played and followed activity across the nation, and the level of participation in the under 30s continues to increase. LALIGA is one of the most followed leagues in Saudi Arabia and this collaboration between LALIGA and Visit Saudi will further strengthen this connection and inspire the next generation of Saudi footballers to play for LALIGA teams in the future. With its global reach, LALIGA provides an exceptional platform, which holds great value for the country.

Óscar Mayo, LALIGA Executive Director, said: “Signing this agreement demonstrates our strong commitment to advancing sports and football science in the Arab world, as well as expanding our presence, and that of our clubs, in a relevant global sports hub. I am convinced that this remarkable partnership will truly touch fans’ emotions and empower them to feel the unifying power of football. Football and travel complement each other perfectly, serving as a means to connect and unite cultures all over the world.”

Fahd Hamidaddin, Saudi Tourism Authority CEO, said: “Football and travel bridge cultures and unite people.  Saudi Arabia has millions of incredibly passionate football fans and as we continue to create a dynamic year-round destination, full of cultural events, we look forward to welcoming international travellers to experience the largest sporting and cultural exchange in sporting history, helping us in bringing the world to Saudi and bringing Saudi to the world.”

The partnership will push the boundaries of brand activation through a wide range of activities, including a high-profile launch event, followed by many other activities that will be held in the Kingdom, with the aim of bringing LALIGA closer to Saudi Arabia. In this strategic collaboration, LALIGA and Visit Saudi will jointly showcase Saudi Arabia’ exceptional tourism offerings, captivating a diverse audience of local, regional and global visitors.

This exciting venture will be developed through innovative partnerships, insightful collaborations, impactful sponsorship arrangements, premium digital content, and immersive consumer events designed to maximize audience engagement. With the expertise of LALIGA, Spain’s world-renowned professional football league, this collaboration aims to ignite a renewed interest in football-driven tourism, enriching the appeal of unmatched travel experiences and fostering a vibrant connection between sports enthusiasts, and both tourism and cultural destinations.

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