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Nota de Prensa

LUN 25.03.2024 | Nota de Prensa

The "Extraordinary Champions" athletes begin their studies with LALIGA

The six athletes participating in the first edition of the project are Sandra Sánchez, Regino Hernández, Eli Pinedo, Raúl Entrerríos, Concha Montaner and Mario Mola

Nota de Prensa

LUN 25.03.2024

Following the announcement of "LALIGA Scholarships: Extraordinary Champions", a training project aimed at the professional and personal growth of sportspeople by increasing their knowledge through the options offered by LALIGA BUSINESS SCHOOL, the six sportspeople taking part in the first edition have already begun their studies.

After analysing their personal profiles, Sandra Sánchez, Regino Hernández, Eli Pinedo, Raúl Entrerríos, Concha Montaner and Mario Mola, in collaboration with consultancy firm Ackerman International, decided to study the MBA in Sports Management at LALIGA BUSINESS SCHOOL, which will last until October.

Through 7 different modules in the MBA, the athletes will study subjects such as management in the sports industry, marketing, technological and digital innovation, media, sporting events and entrepreneurship. They feature professionals from the sports industry who provide a professional overview of the sector, as well as an update on the constant changes they are facing.

After the first month of the course, the six athletes benefited from the know-how of LALIGA, its clubs, plus all the companies and professionals from the sports and entertainment sector they met in the classes held as part of the MBA. The six athletes agree that "we are seeing first-hand the professionalism of LALIGA when it comes to education. We know the other side of the industry and thanks to this MBA we are able to understand the other side, so we can make the most of our careers as sportspeople and become part of this exciting industry. Being aware of the alternatives when facing retirement for any sportsperson is vital in order to focus on their professional future whilst remaining linked to the world of sport”.

Ultimately, "LALIGA Scholarships: Extraordinary Champions" begins for the first time with these six athletes as part of a project that aims to help great sportspeople adapt to the working world after their retirement or in the final years of their career

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