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Nota de Prensa

LUN 28.08.2023 | Nota de Prensa

LALIGA and T3N Sport and Investment sign international expansion with sports-residential and academic complexes around the world

Around 300 million euros will be invested in the next 5 years on this project.

Nota de Prensa

LUN 28.08.2023

LALIGA and the T3N Sport & Investment Group, a sports investment and innovation company, have signed a pioneering agreement for international expansion with sports-residential and educational complexes that will serve the sports industry. These complexes will house the different programs of LALIGA Academy, LALIGA's grassroots football initiative, focusing mainly on strategic markets such as the United States (California and Florida), Mexico, Japan, as well as territories in the Middle East.

Both entities, which have already launched the ESC LALIGA&NBA Complex with great success together with the NBA, integrating programs such as LALIGA ACADEMY Madrid or Camps, sign this new agreement that will publicize the values of cooperation, respect, tolerance and equality that LALIGA and Grupo T3N promote. Likewise, it consolidates LALIGA at the forefront worldwide in relation to sports and residential complexes, and T3N as a strategic partner for their development from the investment and construction phase to their own running and operation.

In addition, LALIGA will promote the sports and educational programs integrated into the LALIGA Academy and LALIGA Business School, consolidating the great commitment to education, talent, and future generations, marking a development supported by the values of sport and education.

"This new agreement represents a natural step to continue growing LALIGA Academy’s relationship with our partners. It strengthens a network of unique infrastructures in the world to help the entire global sports ecosystem, also promoting the promotion of global grassroots football, an area in which LALIGA is a leader through the LALIGA Academy. Not only do the youth teams of the clubs dominate the rankings at a European level, but we are also a pioneering league by creating a unique network of academies and sports projects around the world, more than 650 since 2015, in which more than 220,000 players have been trained" says Óscar Mayo, CEO of LALIGA.

"This is a unique agreement that strengthens our commitment to education and sports, which will allow us to carry out our ambitious project worldwide in the coming years together with the largest sports property in the world" says David Pampliega, Co-CEO by T3N.

All these international projects are born with a mission: to globally promote the social value of sport, the inclusion of everyone in it and equal access, practice, and enjoyment.

For this development, Grupo T3N will invest close to 300 million euros in the next 5 years in an expansion process in which it has been working for several months in strategic markets such as the US, Mexico, Japan, and the Middle East, as well as in other countries.

A success story: ESC LALIGA & NBA, a benchmark in the world

ESC LALIGA&NBA celebrates one year since its launch, and the intention is to replicate it both in Spain and in the rest of the world. The Madrid complex, with an investment of more than 40 million euros and a surface area of 42,000 square metres, has become a world benchmark in the grassroots sports industry. In addition, in October 2023 the project will be completed with the construction of the first NBA pavilion.

In the academic part, ESC has an international school and classrooms for training where secondary school programs, international and American baccalaureate and postgraduate courses are taught, as well as various types of sports-related training, such as the LALIGA Business School programs, which is expected to be able to teach part of them in the complex.

This pioneering complex includes accommodation for 450 athletes, as well as educational facilities with an American school and sports and postgraduate training with capacity for 500 students. Likewise, it has two professional fields with FIFA standards, a pavilion with NBA standards, multimedia game rooms and a high-tech indoor gym for training athletes.

One of the main objectives of LALIGA is the development of talent on a global level, in addition to promoting LALIGA brand and the Spain Brand throughout the world. In the opening season (22-23), 36 young people from 24 different countries, including Mexico, France, Lebanon, Poland and Japan, have lived together at the Center as part of the long-term LALIGA Academy Madrid program.

These football players have studied from September to June at the international school integrated into the complex and trained under the LALIGA Methodology with top-level coaches coordinated directly from the organization's headquarters in Madrid and in continuous contact with it. They have also had contact with teams from the LALIGA youth academies through different trips and friendly matches that have been played throughout the season. Likewise, the complex has hosted short-term stays for players and coaches from all over the world during these months in its Training Stages, and its Camps summer camps.

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