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Nota de Prensa

JUE 11.01.2024 | Nota de Prensa

LALIGA and its clubs commemorate 200th anniversary of the National Police

With the slogan "Always in your team. Always with you", a campaign will be launched to acknowledge the work the institution carries out both inside and outside football

Nota de Prensa

JUE 11.01.2024

The National Police will celebrate its 200th anniversary this Saturday with LALIGA and its clubs paying tribute to them on the day. A series of joint initiatives will be organised under the slogan "Always in your team. Always with you" which highlight the work carried out by the National Police in both football and sport in general.

Events during the weekend’s fixtures will include a ceremonial kick-off at several matches, which will be carried out by two national police officers in full regulation uniform. Additionally, the joint message from LALIGA and the National Police "Always in your team. Always with you", will also be seen on the advertising boards during the Spanish broadcast.

Nine years of working together

The relationship between the National Police and LALIGA dates back to 2015, with the creation of the Security, Integrity and Emergencies Department. Throughout these years, numerous projects have been carried out together, including the following which stand out:

-      Fifteen Safety Seminars in Professional Football, organised in cooperation with the National Sports Bureau.

-      Eight training days for security guards working in football stadiums, organised in conjunction with the Central Private Security Unit.

-      Sixty-two appearances as lecturers on courses organised by the Centre for Updating and Specialisation of the National Police.

Moreover, LALIGA and the National Police are constantly working to fight against piracy, collaborating to dismantle organisations that operate both domestically and internationally, to offer illegal sports content.

Recently, the Central Private Security Unit of the National Police honoured three members of LALIGA's Security Department. These honours are awarded to people who have performed commendable work in collaborating with the National Police in this field.

Similarly, a member of the Department was awarded a “Cross of Police Merit with white badge" for his collaboration in training various police units. 

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