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DOM 03.12.2023 | Institutional

LALIGA holds LALIGA Extra Time in Mexico City to discuss the future of the sports industry with clubs and sponsors

The event brought together clubs from Spain's top flight including RC Celta, Sevilla FC, Valencia CF, Real Betis, Real Sociedad and CD Leganés plus LALIGA's partners in Mexico such as EA Sports, Panini, Puma, Motorola and Chubb.


DOM 03.12.2023

. The second edition of LALIGA Extra Time, an event organised by LALIGA and aimed at sharing knowledge from experts in the sports and entertainment industry, was held in Mexico City on Thursday, November 30th. The occasion was attended by LALIGA EA Sports clubs such as Sevilla FC, RC Celta, Valencia CF, Real Sociedad, Real Betis, as well as the President of CD Leganés, Jeff Luhnow. Some of LALIGA's sponsors in Mexico also took part in the panels, among them: EA Sports, PUMA, Panini, Chubb and Motorola.

“For LALIGA it's very important to bring the competition and the clubs closer to its fans around the world. We wanted this event to bring industry knowledge to all those professionals who work in the sector but are involved in areas of technology, innovation, infrastructure, international development and other areas of the sports and entertainment industry," said Alejandro de Gabriel, LALIGA delegate in Mexico.

The evening began with a speech by CD Leganés President Jeff Luhnow where he explained the reasons why he decided to invest in a LALIGA club, along with the solidity and work being done by the club to achieve continuous and constant growth. “The first season was quite complicated in terms of sporting and financial management, but we have since stabilised the situation. We've had very good results on the pitch this season, and are aiming for promotion to LALIGA EA Sports," said Luhnow.

The second panel featured a discussion between LALIGA EA Sports clubs that have a special interest in growth in Mexico. Those participating in this panel were: Bosco Sierra (Sevilla FC), Saúl Zambrano (RC Celta), Pablo Pérez (Valencia CF), Martín Artolain (Real Sociedad) and Baptiste Maurel (Real Betis); They spoke about the strategies and tactics used to connect with Mexican fans. One of the main aspects that stood out in the panel was how the strategy and content creation is adapted to get closer to the Mexican audience, in line with the collaboration agreement that these clubs have with LALIGA North America.

Finally, there was a conversation held with some LALIGA sponsors in Mexico, to find out how the change in the competition's identity has reflected in sponsorships. On behalf of our global sponsors, Yeray Romera (EA Sports), Andrea Fregoso (Puma) and Francisco Poch (Panini) took part, commenting on how, from the perspective of global sponsorship, they've undertaken measures to get closer to Mexican fans through LALIGA. Additionally, representatives of the competition's regional sponsors in Mexico, Gerardo de la Concha (Motorola) and Francisco Miranda (Chubb), took part in the event, and highlighted the reasons why they decided to approach LALIGA as a way to reach the fans. One of those was the great interest that Mexicans have in Spanish football, as well as the link that exists between Spain and Mexico and the bond that football generates between them.

The event took place at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City, and was attended by members of the Chamber, partner companies, media and executives from the football and entertainment industry in Mexico.

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