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Nota de Prensa

LUN 23.10.2023 | Nota de Prensa

ELCLASICO unveils a new visual identity and becomes more global than ever

The Spanish competition launches a universal campaign that revolves around a unique concept: ELCLASICO is a match that eclipses all other events and unites the whole world around the game.

Nota de Prensa

LUN 23.10.2023

LALIGA is launching a global campaign that deploys the power of ELCLASICO football to all countries where the match that brings the world to a standstill is broadcast, reaching a potential audience of over 650 million people, as well as being commented on by over 200 million followers of the competition on social networks. "The match that eclipses everything" is the concept and starting point for a campaign that accentuates the importance of one of the biggest sporting events of the year and which now unveils a new visual identity based on the colours of the eclipse: black and white. 

New concept 

In line with LALIGA’s all-new image and branding, ELCLASICO will this season feature a host of new broadcast features. The most eagerly awaited match in the world also welcomes an all-new campaign revolving around the concept of the eclipse, with a series of creatives and a promo spot that follows the aesthetic line of the new LALIGA brand, which marked the entry into a new era of transformation back in July.

A global phenomenon 

It’s not just Spain that will be watching the first ELCLASICO of the 2023/24 season; more than 35 countries will be holding on-site events to experience LALIGA's most global match. The United States, which will host "ElPartidazo" in Miami and public viewings in Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and New York, will be joined by Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru, which will also host special events around the match. 

The Middle East region, a rapidly growing fanbase for LALIGA, will host its most prominent events in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, while the African continent will see different activations take place in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and also Morocco, with a special remembrance of the families affected by September's earthquake. 

If there is one region that has mobilised to send its strength to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid from afar, however, it is Asia, where almost all countries and regions where LALIGA is present will feature events to bring ELCLASICO closer to the fans. China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong will all host activities designed to make the most of the power of LALIGA.

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