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THU 21.03.2024 | Nota de Prensa

The making of '1voiceVSRACISM', the anthem created by Little Spain and LALIGA to fight racism

The anthem, which was played in all stadiums over the weekend, is part of the LALIGA EA SPORTS initiative to raise awareness about racial discrimination

Nota de Prensa

THU 21.03.2024

For the third consecutive year and to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21st, LALIGA EA SPORTS developed the #1voiceVSRACISM concept to give visibility and raise awareness about the importance of eradicating racism in all areas of society.

Together, production company Little Spain and LALIGA Studios, created an anthem to demonstrate the importance of bringing all voices together to fight racism in unison. Fans of the 42 LALIGA clubs were able to listen to the inspirational verses of the anthem in the stadiums throughout the weekend: There’s a colour that runs through the planet; under your shirt; and it's the same as my heart; I will love you above all else; beyond the badge; only together can we win.

The anthem is based on the popular song "Una mañana de mayo, yo te daré" sung by children in their everyday environments, such as the classroom and football pitch.

Through Santos Bacana, Little Spain's Creative Director and Ángel Fernández, LALIGA's Director of Global Brand and Strategy, 'the making of...' shows the preparation and purpose behind the creation of the anthem. It showcases the unity that football brings, especially among children, highlighting the purity of a world without prejudice. It also advocates for a football free of hatred, promoting tolerance and mutual respect, with the vision of building a future where these values are at the heart of sport.

For Ángel Fernández "this is a step forward in our tireless fight against racism. Little Spain and LALIGA Studios joining forces has resulted in a campaign that touches the hearts of our fans and reinforces our message of unity and respect".

Meanwhile, Santos Bacana notes that "it's been an honour to collaborate on this initiative. Together, we have created more than an anthem, we've woven a story of hope and solidarity".

Additionally, several of the young actors involved in the initiative offered their opinions on racism, giving personal accounts of situations they've experienced and actions they take on a day-to-day basis.

LALIGA anthem technical details


Director of Brand and Strategy: Ángel Fernandez

Strategy Manager: Domingo Legua

Advertising and Branded Content Manager: Anastasia Llorens

Identity Manager: María Lapeña

Advertising and Branded Content Specialist: Francisco Medel

Brand Strategy Specialist: Marina del Olmo

Media Specialist: María Hidalgo

Brand Specialist: María Rojo


LALIGA Studios

Executive Producers LALIGA Studios: Chalo Bonifacino and Flora Bell

Producers LALIGA Studios: Cristina González Calvo y Rosario Molteni



Creative Director: Santos Bacana

Director: Fabio de Frel

Director of Photography: Uri Barcelona

Music Producer: Harto Rodriguez


Executive Producer: Cris Trenas

Producer: Juan Perez de Rozas

Production Manager: Yago López Abril

Art Director: Teresa Montanuy


Second Unit Director: Rogelio González

Director of Photography Second Unit: Pol Garcia Sala

Editor: Lluis Murua

Colour: Lucas Hope

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