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MAR 04.10.2022 | LALIGA4SPORTS

Flexibility comes to LigaSportsTV with different plans to suit users' needs

LaLiga's OTT evolves in its second freemium season, increasing content and exclusivity. There will be three subscription options: Plus total, Plus equipo and Plus Liga.


MAR 04.10.2022

LaLigaSportsTV, LaLiga's OTT offering for live and on-demand content from a wide variety of sports, is evolving in its second freemium season: flexibility and increased content will be the new distinguishing features.

Users will be the focus of this fifth season as they will be able to choose from different subscription options to suit their preferences:

  • Plus Total: The complete plus plan (La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Sala, Liga ASOBAL handball, LEB ORO basketball, petanque, boxing, sport dances, ONE Championship and AFC Champions League) will be available for €9.99/month until November 30 and then €14.99/month or for €69.99/year, which will then be €79.99/year after November 30. As a result, the user will be able to enjoy this plan if purchased before the end of October at the price of the Plus Liga plan.
  • Plus Liga: The user can select a league and enjoy all the matches and content from the competition of their choice for €9.99/month or €69.99/year.
  • Plus Equipo: You can choose to subscribe just to your own team. For example, you can subscribe only to Movistar Estudiantes matches in the Liga LEB Oro. The price will be €4.99/month or €39.99 per year.

All the content included in LaLigaSportsTV varies depending on the country in which we are located due to the different commercial agreements of the competitions in each territory.

In addition to these three plans, the user will be able to pay for content by purchasing a match from any of the leagues (€4.99) or individual evenings, e.g. boxing or ONE Championship (€9.99). This option will be available from the next weeks. Similarly, in the next few days it will be possible to make subscription payments through the App, a novelty compared to the previous season, when there was only the option to pay from the web.

LaLigaSportsTV is moving towards total flexibility, considerably increasing the content offered in premium plans and leaving it up to the user to choose what suits them best.

In this new season, LaLigaSportsTV Plus will offer more sports (including petanque, sport dances and boxing), more events from each sport and with more exclusivity. LaLigaSportsTV will offer nearly 200 matches from the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Sala and more than 250 matches from the ASOBAL competitions (League, ASOBAL Cup, Copa del Rey and Supercopa). More than half of these matches will be on an exclusive basis.

In addition, for yet another season, LEB ORO basketball will also be offered in its entirety. There will also be an increase in the number of exclusive boxing and ONE Championship events broadcast.

For Alfredo Bermejo, LaLiga's Digital Strategy Director, “This is another step in LaLiga's strategy with its OTT offering in order to get closer to the needs of its followers. LaLigaSportsTV users demanded flexibility and in this new season they will have it in a number of ways. It's an evolution of a product that continues to improve season after season, offering more and more content and improving the user experience”.

In addition to all the content offered in the Plus Total plan, LaLigaSportsTV consolidates content that has already been enjoyed during the four years of the platform's existence and which will continue to be enjoyed free of charge, such as athletics, gymnastics, triathlon, surfing, pelota, and others.

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