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Nota de Prensa

VIE 07.06.2024 | Nota de Prensa

Racism on social media dropped by 90% this season, according to LALIGA’s M.O.O.D data

Conversations involving hate speech in general dropped by 45%, demonstrating the success of the measures put in place as part of the LALIGA VS platform.

Nota de Prensa

VIE 07.06.2024

LALIGA, through M.O.O.D (The Monitor for the Observation of Hate in Sport), the independent tool that monitors conversations about sport on social networks in Spain, has throughout this season analysed over 21.2 million conversations. The results show a 45% drop in hate speech and 90% fall in cases of racism in comparison to the second half of last seasonwhen the tool first began registering resultsTheM.O.O.D index – with 0 representing the lowest level of detected hate – decreases as a result to an average of 6.5, down one point from the previous countshowing how fans are actively looking for a football free of hateand demonstrating the effectiveness of awareness-raising actions undertaken by the clubs and LALIGA within the framework of the LALIGA VS platform.

Of the 21.2 million conversations analysed, 4.1 million were hateful, a number which accounts for less than 20%of all interactionsCases of racism were present in just1.2% (248,000 mentions) of conversations. The M.O.O.index for each matchday is weighted, giving each of the messages a score based on the severity of the hate speech detected in each of the messages.
The highest M.O.O.D index ratings of the season correlate with matchdays featuring either a Derby or ELCLASICO. The most recent ELCLASICO in April, however, registered the lowest rating (6.4) detected across the last two seasons. Refereeing controversies, incidents of hate, or racist insults either on or off the pitch generating heightened levels of social media conversation caused the M.O.O.D index to exceed 7 at times, but the significant overall drop shows fans displaying a total rejection of these attitudes on social media, defending football free of hate. Overall conversation during these key moments increased to 5.9 million, with an average of over 660,000 conversations, with the predominant emotions detected in response being anger and indignation.

Matchdays with a lower index of between 4-6, coincided with celebrations such as Real Madrid winning the LALIGA EA SPORTS titlegestures of sportsmanship and solidarity between clubs who secured top-flight survival; or emotional farewells for coaches and players.

The final matchdays of the season saw the emotional tone of conversation take a more positive turn, with joy and pride being the predominant feelings. In fact, the lowest M.O.O.D index rating of the entire season (4.7) was detected on Matchday 34.

The primary objective of LALIGA and the clubs remains to maintain this trend and keep reducing the M.O.O.index by continuing with its awareness-raising initiatives to ensure that football becomes as hate-free as possible.

The launch of M.O.O.D is part of the LALIGA VS project, the platform through which LALIGA and the clubs seek to use the full power of football to inspire society, and to be an example of respect and sportsmanship, particularly for the younger generation which will shape the football of the future.

M.O.O.D data for each matchday is available on the LALIGA VS website.




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