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LUN 04.02.2019 | NEWS

LaLiga Santander Experience influencers put culinary talents to test with pintxo creations

Celine Dept, Michiel Callebaut and Jakub Zak bravely took on the challenge of rustling up their own versions of one of San Sebastian's flagship dishes.


LUN 04.02.2019

You simply can't come away from San Sebastian without indulging in one of the best-known delights from the regional food scene: pintxos (canapés). However, just imagine the excitement of getting to prepare your very own pintxo in one of the most traditional bars in town. This is precisely how the latest LaLiga Santander Experience extravaganza was capped off in the Basque city.

Belgian influencers Celine Dept and Michiel Callebaut and Polish celebrity Jakub Zak revelled in a day that featured the very best of local culture and gastronomy. Keen to make their mark, the visitors willingly took on the challenge of creating their own pintxo, with this thrilling experience ensuring that their first-ever taste of Basque cuisine's leading dish won’t be one they'll be forgetting about anytime soon.

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