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THU 04.02.2021 | NOTA DE PRENSA

In partnership with ESPM, Octagon Brasil and Real Valladolid, LaLiga is launching sports management training course in Brazil

The entities are joining forces to bring quality content into a course that will be held between May 6 - 9 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Nota de Prensa

THU 04.02.2021

LaLiga ,through its Education Department, LaLiga Business School, has joined forces with the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), Real Valladolid Club de Fútbol, and Octagon Brasil to launch the course LaLiga Masterclass - How LaLiga has become a Global benchmark in Football. Between May 6 - 9, lectures and discussions with professionals in the area will provide further insight into the successful management model of one of the largest sports leagues in the world, LaLiga Santander, evaluating its strategy and business methodology.

Targeting professionals working in the media, sports, and entertainment segments all over Brazil –who wish to improve their knowledge with working executives and professionals from LaLiga– the course aims to train professionals in practical and theoretical knowledge on sports league management, best practices and sports marketing tools that can be used in the respective organisations.

“LaLiga is a reference of success in so many aspects, including the internationalisation of the brand and the management of sport business beyond the four lines. The combined experience and knowledge of LaLiga, Octagon Brasil and Real Valladolid teams, together with ESPM’s tradition in teaching sports business make this course into a unique opportunity for those who intend to change the level of recognition and experience in the business of football, sport and entertainment”, says Ivan Martinho, ESPM Sports Marketing Professor.

The course also offers an excellent networking opportunity with renowned professionals from the sports industry, including interaction with executives from LaLiga, ESPM, Octagon Brasil and Real Valladolid – club that has been modernising after being acquired by Ronaldo Nazario in 2018 who works in the 1st division in Spain Along with the Spanish team’s story, the experience and success stories of the main sports marketing agency in the national market, Octagon Brasil, will also be presented in detail.

“It is extremely rewarding to be part of this project, which will cover some of the main success stories and names in the sports industry, in partnership with one of the largest football leagues in the world. Contributing to the development of sports management in Brazil will always be part of our purpose as a company. And doing this with such relevant partners as ESPM and Real Valladolid makes this goal even stronger”, said Eduardo Baraldi, CEO of Octagon Brasil.

 “We are extremely excited to launch a project like this in Brazil, which is a key market for the international expansion of Real Valladolid, and even more with partners like Laliga, Octagon Brasil and ESPM.  It took many months of discussion and hard work to ensure a deep, relevant, and unprecedented content in the market. I have great confidence in the role that this course will play in the training of executives in the football, sports and entertainment market”, adds Gabriel Lima, New Business Director of Real Valladolid.

José Moya, director of LaLiga Business School, comments that “at LaLiga, we believe in education as the first step towards the professionalisation of the sports industry, and that is why we created our educational department integrated into our structure, LaLiga Business School, where we seek to train the professionals of today and tomorrow”. “We are very happy to have the opportunity to share LaLiga’s experience in such an important market as Brazil, through the hands of one of our clubs, Real Valladolid, a leading company in the local sports industry such as Octagon, a reference institution in the country, the sports industry globally, and a leading educational institution such as ESPM”.

The speakers will include Albert Castelló and Daniel Alonso, delegates representing the LaLiga in Brazil; Juliana Francini, Social Network International Communication Coordinator of the LaLiga; Octavi Anoro, Head of the LaLiga Global Network; Borja Tobar, Manager of International Development of the LaLiga for the Americas; Luis Manfredi, Director of Economic Control of the LaLiga and Jose Moya, Director of the LaLiga Business School. Gabriel Lima, New Business Director, and Paco González, Macrodata and Data Intelligence Director, will represent Real Valladolid.  Octagon Brazil, in turn, will be represented by CEO Eduardo Baraldi and director Latam Arnaldo Garcia. In addition, Ivan Martinho, ESPM professor, and Edouard Legendre, expert in Sports Marketing, will also be present.

Anyone interested in participating in the course should register on the official website: https://www.espm.br/educacao_continuada/laliga-masterclass-como-a-laliga-se-tornou-uma-referencia-global-no-futebol-2496. The total cost to access the content is R$ 3,990.00, which can be paid in up to ten instalments. All students with more than 75% attendance will receive a certificate of participation in the event, which will be issued in digital format and will be sent by e-mail within 07 (seven) days after the end of the course.

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