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MIÉ 24.05.2023 | Institutional

United against racism

Don't let racism destroy the greatness of our football.


MIÉ 24.05.2023

Intolerance and racism have no place in our football. LaLiga always condems and acts upon any case of racist, xenophobic or violent insults and behaviour, both on and off the pitch, fully supporting Vinicius Jr. and any other player that were to suffer these attacks, as we have always done. LaLiga and the clubs will continue to work on eradicating this type of behaviour.

For this reason, CSD, RFEF and LaLiga have come together to show our unanimous and unmitigated repulse towards any racist  conduct. Under the slogan 'RACISTS OUT OF FOOTBALL' and 'UNITED AGAINST RACISM', the three organizations have the joint goal of putting an end to racism.

To report any racist behaviour inside of any of our stadiums, go to the Stop Racism Report Channel by clicking here.

LaLiga is to request more sanctioning powers, with the aim of being more agile and effective in the fight against violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance in sport, where LaLiga has been leading the identification and reporting of such behaviour in football stadiums for years, but the organization feels powerless when observing how its reporting ends.

Despite its relentless fight against violence and racism to the full extent of its powers (which are currently, according to Spanish law, limited to identifying and reporting events), LaLiga feels tremendous frustration at the lack of sanctions and convictions handed out by the sports disciplinary bodies, public administrations and jurisdictional bodies to which it reports.

Faced with this serious situation, in the coming days LaLiga will formally request the amendment of Law 19/2007 of July 11, against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport and Law 39/2022 of December 30, on sport.

The purpose of the proposal is to request that LaLiga have the ability to exercise disciplinary authority over incidents of this type which occur in LaLiga matches; for LaLiga’s disciplinary bodies to be able to sanction them, among other things, with the total or partial closure of stadiums, banning fans who are identified as instigators of such incidents, and the imposition of financial penalties, without prejudice to the adoption of provisional or precautionary measures that may be appropriate, depending on the nature and seriousness of the incidents.

As LaLiga has repeated in recent days, the organisation has been leading the fight against violence, racism and intolerance on football pitches, both inside and outside the stadium, identifying such behaviour through its Match Directors, security officers and television cameras, and subsequently reporting it to the relevant bodies.

LaLiga's legal action

Every week, LaLiga submits a letter to the RFEF's (Royal Spanish Football Federation) Competition Committee, and the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport highlighting any chants that occur at football matches that incite violence or contain insulting or intolerant content.

In addition, when insults are identified that could be classified as a hate crime, LaLiga also reports them to the Hate Prosecutor's Office. However, LaLiga has long observed with frustration the way in which these reports are dismissed before they even reach the courts, or how hate prosecutors in each region do not have a uniform criterion when it comes to classifying these acts.

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