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MAR 14.05.2024 | News

Spain and the United Kingdom celebrate their bilateral relations through passion for football

This week’s event, organized by LALIGA and the Instituto Cervantes of Manchester, featured the participation of renowned footballers with experience of playing at the top level in both countries such as Gaizka Mendieta and Toni Duggan.


MAR 14.05.2024

Football transcends borders and serves as a cultural cohesive element through the passion for sports, a fact demonstrated at this week’s event organized by LALIGA and the Instituto Cervantes of Manchester. The event, titled "Two Lands, One Passion: Spain, the UK, and Football" brought together key actors within the region's business ecosystem to discuss how the sport serves as a conduit for bilateral relations between both countries.

Manchester, key city for United Kingdom and European football, was chosen as the location for the event held this week, as it shares a deep football culture, which is ingrained in the city’s DNA, and shares strategic business and tourism connections with Spain.

Andy Burnham, recently re-elected Mayor of Greater Manchester, officiated the opening of the event with an introductory bilingual speech in which he thanked Instituto Cervantes for its role and LALIGA, which he referenced as one of “the two best leagues in the world” alongside the Premier League, for bringing the event and more football culture to the city.

Celebrating the love of the beautiful game, the Mayor emphasised that the long-term health of the sport is best served by protecting clubs and grassroots football, its long-standing tradition, and taking steps to bolster local football.

Laura García Alfaya, Consul General of Spain in Manchester, highlighted how football is one of the key engines not just of the city of Manchester but also the United Kingdom as a whole, a reality which can build bridges between different destinations across both countries and foster an exchange of ideas, commerce, and camaraderie.

Football icons from both countries such as Gaizka Mendieta and Toni Duggan and the acclaimed journalist Guillem Balagué also participated in a roundtable discussion on the relevance of football as a means of cultural and economic cohesion and exchange, along with Keegan Pierce, Director of International Relations at LALIGA.

This week’s event, a meeting point for both countries united in their passion for football, was a clear example of bilateral relations and the cultural and economic benefits for both Spain and the United Kingdom.

A consolidated relationship through culture and sports

Spain and the United Kingdom share a solid relationship thanks to the ties that bind them through culture and sports, where entities such as LALIGA, the Instituto Cervantes of Manchester, and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom play fundamental roles.

"Football transcends the playing field and is a fundamental tool for building bridges between nations and fostering commercial relationships that benefit both parties. At LALIGA, we are proud to be an active part of this interrelation, which offers high-value opportunities to our clubs and our English counterparts and companies," said Keegan Pierce, Director of International Relations at LALIGA.

Pedro J. Eusebio Cuesta, Director of Instituto Cervantes of Manchester, a Spanish public institution dedicated to the promotion, teaching, learning, and use of the Spanish language, they emphasized that “Nowadays, football constitutes a fundamental element in the cultural exchange between countries and communities, in which competition is always accompanied by understanding and solidarity. And that is precisely why it's so important for us to host this event as a key element of cultural dialogue.


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