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Nota de Prensa

JUE 30.05.2024 | Nota de Prensa

‘Futura Afición’ brings the values of football and non-violence to Huesca and Zaragoza

More than 120 children between the ages of 8 and 12 from the SD Huesca and Real Zaragoza schools completed awareness-raising workshops on the positive values of football, developed by FUNDACIÓN LALIGA.

Nota de Prensa

JUE 30.05.2024

The ‘Futura Afición’ (Future Fans) of SD Huesca and Real Zaragoza brought an end to the project's schedule of visits to LALIGA clubs in the 2023-24 season. Developed by FUNDACIÓN LALIGA, the project aims to promote the positive values of sport in general and football in particular, as well as to prevent cases of violence and unsportsmanlike behaviour from an early age.

On Monday, the Estadio El Alcoraz hosted a day in which around 61 boys and girls from the SD Huesca Alevín (10-11) and Benjamín (8-9) age categories enjoyed workshops and recreational activities, coordinated by qualified instructors from FUNDACIÓN LALIGA, which focused on key values such as friendship, tolerance and respect. The welcome at this session of ‘Futura Afición’ was given by SD Huesca CEO Javier Cruz; Alcoraz Foundation Trustee and Head of Child Protection, Carlos Santolaria; and Olga de la Fuente, Director of FUNDACIÓN LALIGA.


In an extremely fun atmosphere, the participants successfully completed a programme consisting of several challenges, mostly practical and reflective, focused on the knowledge and relevance of teamwork and respect for opponents, as well as on non-violence in its various forms.

They also carried out a specific section on school bullying, which has been one of the main new features of the 9th edition of ‘Futura Afición’, and includes advice from the AEPAE (Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying).

The workshop ended with an activity to reflect upon the lessons learnt and their application in everyday life, a prize-draw for footballs and a prize-giving ceremony for everyone involved.

On Tuesday, the ‘Futura Afición’ team went to the historic Estadio La Romareda to conduct a series of workshops for the project, which has become a leading programme for teaching good values as a strategy for preventing violence.

Raúl Sanllehí, CEO of Real Zaragoza, and Olga de la Fuente, Director of the FUNDACIÓN LALIGA, opened the session in front of the 64 boys and girls from the Real Zaragoza Alevín (10-11) youth teams, who had gathered for an afternoon full of fun and learning.

The different rooms at Real Zaragoza's stadium saw various activities led by the project's instructors, with the aim of transmitting the positive values of football in an engaging and instructive way, using dynamic activities of great educational value, and putting into focus a range of practical knowledge, not only applicable on the pitch, but also in day-to-day life.

After completing the three challenges scheduled for the afternoon (‘No to Violence and Bullying’, ‘Values in Action’, and ‘ Mural of Values’), the children that took part read out the messages they had developed as a team, which were reflected in a mural that will remain on display in the club's facilities. Following this final reflection, the day ended with a prize draw and the presentation of ‘Futura Afición’ passports, which show the programme's roadmap has been successfully completed.

The workshops with Huesca and Zaragoza complete the season's scheduled visits to LALIGA clubs for the ‘Futura Afición’ project, after those carried out at the Cívitas Metropolitano with Atlético de Madrid; ABANCA Balaídos with RC Celta; and at Los Cármenes with Granada CF.

These activities, together with those run by LALIGA clubs, are aimed at schoolchildren from 3rd to 6th grade of primary school, and are based on the use of gamification as a tool for transmitting messages, through completely revamped challenges and games, as well as interactive activities. More than 75,000 children from over 500 schools have already participated in the nine events held to date.

The 'Futura Afición' materials, project information and registration form are available at www.futuraaficion.com.

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