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VIE 21.12.2018 | APPS

LaLiga launches Educational Games app for Christmas

The application, aimed at children aged between four and 11, features over 30 football-themed games which help to develop various cognitive and psychomotor skills.


VIE 21.12.2018

LaLiga has once again displayed its firm commitment to the world of entertainment and educational values after teaming up with Edujoy to launch LaLiga - Educational Games, an application consisting of more than 30 fun-filled games designed to allow children to improve their reasoning, processing speed, attention, visual acuity and memory skills.

Download the app for free for iOS or Android now.

These football-related games seek to help children improve a range of cognitive and psychomotor skills, such as attention, memory, perception and coordination.

As a reward for successfully completing a mission, a photo of one of the LaLiga Santander stars is unlocked. The innovative games also give youngsters the chance to represent their favourite clubs by selecting its crest as they discover all of the LaLiga stadiums.

The application offers the following three game categories:

  •  Reasoning and processing speed: Users are tasked with completing simple operations and solving football-themed problems. These games include dot-to-dot exercises, simple sums, more complex sums with dynamic elements, ordering numerical sequences and completing number crosswords.

• Attention and visual acuity games: The app features a collection of games designed to stimulate attention skills which work on developing visual acuity and perception through the use of photos of players, club badges and parts of team kits. These games involve spotting the differences, colouring photos and mosaics, finding hidden objects, word searches, mazes, linking elements, spotting the odd one out and solving puzzles, etc.

• Memory training: youngsters are able to sharpen their memory skills through football-related exercises: memorising pairs, repeating sequences, recalling the number of touches of the ball and matching players and their respective teams. 


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